Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day of Happiness

Make this day the most conscious day of this lifetime. Meditate, then use your mind to check in with your heart to learn what it longs for. Write the words you get in reply on paper. Make the dancing happen!

Ponder this: Today is the beginning of a totally new consciousness in human development. Making a difference always means doing something different. Today, do more than contain the love of the heart in the body. Take the day to move it into the world. Play, take a much needed class in "having no concerns". Make happiness your first agenda. Tell all your friends to have a good time today also.

Positive attitudes on this day will amplify the light coming onto the earth from other dimensions. False gods are now being challenged to get out of man's auras so clear awareness can come into man's chakras without negative control altering its magnitude. Hearts can open now. Minds can accept man's divine nature and more awareness can create more heart.

Money and giving are the next new direction of change. Happiness attracts money. Heart and mind no longer are to be concerned about money. Giving allows money to come to you. Allow the money that comes to you to give a message to others that they too are cared for. Attract money today with giving from the heart.

Police are being trained to mandate a very different condition. Give them the day off, and do not cause any claims from them against this happiness. Police are the ones who need their agendas altered. No one denies their attributes related to control, this desire can only bring them and others great distress. Help them give up their attitude that causes distress. Police need more love in their lives. Can you give them some loving thoughts today? Hearts can be opened when a loving thought is directed towards an individual or a group.

Face the day with an open heart and total acceptance of this message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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