Saturday, June 26, 2010

Could You Be Channeling Controllers?

Announcing "a conduits confirmation of channeling". All who are already channeling, and are open to the guidance of my colleagues of the hierarchy of Masters and Angels, are invited to contact my channel to learn a basic message that all conduits need to know. Many sources of messages, using the names of the Masters and Angels, are now acting as though they will deliver more answers than others can. And their answers are not accurate, because their intention is to discredit my actual communications with their details.

Channeling can do more than give mental data. It can make alterations to the energy of the conduit. It can delete non-aligned mental activity, and call in many changes that alter DNA. Making a new DNA can completely change attitudes of negativity that come out of DNA charting.

Collecting money can cause many conduits to overlook non-alignment in their messages. My channel has been contributing her channeling ability to this blog for no compensation. She has done this at my suggestion. None of those who receive these messages are being asked for anything. My only request is that you share the messages with others. My news is accurate. No disguised controllers are making my words controlling. My channel is no longer in an area where she can be deceived by American CIA telepaths. Many channels in the USA are not getting messages from my realm at all, they only think they are, because messages are being beamed to them telepathically.

Are you moving to another area of the world to be a clear channel? Many may need to do this. Those targeted are making their messages very public. Anyone doing this must make sure their heart and mind are One. To get clear channeling, mind must be completely free of negativity.

Heart and mind, means that the mind of the heart is most active. Taking mental concerns out of mass consciousness must be done as a concrete way to alter conditions on the matrix of materialization. None of the dramas that have occurred, like the oil gushing, earthquake devastation, and areas destroyed by other earth changes are meaningful, unless compassion and caring are moving minds into hearts.

Ask my channel to examine the messages you are getting. Ask her to give you a message from me, on a one-on-one basis, to determine whether the messages you are getting are clear. She is not doing anything to compete with any other channel, and this request from me comes as a complete surprise to her. Please make a donation to her for this service.

Many channels are not clear. Her channeling can assist with this. I will be the one to give back the answers through her. Give me this ability, and then the channels I need can get clear messages out to others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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