Monday, June 7, 2010

The Future of Money

Saving for the future now cannot guarantee any money availability next month or next year. Most, if not all, money control has collapsed. Every country can give an accounting of their debt, and all can declare bankruptcy. No country is able to count on any other country to cancel that debt.

Masters of the money game are giving advice to invest in gold and other cash currencies, but none of these metals are going to be cash negotiation assets once the other cash is devalued. Once this occurs, money will not contain any amazing qualities that can get desired goods or any other commodity. A means of exchange must be set up that gives man some control in getting his needs met.

Man must get more candid about money in an open worldwide forum. Not Wall Street, not commercial collectors, more man-to-man, human-to-human dealings must take center stage.

Money will not be man's control mechanism much longer. Once this mechanism collapses, the opportunity for man's greatest change can manifest. More about this tomorrow.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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