Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creation and the Mass Consciousness

My dear ones. Consider the mass consciousness a most pliable medium of creation. Many contradictions abound in its composition, all canceling out others of the opposite view. Neither position is allowing for adjustments from the other. One cancels the other any time negative and positive come together. Making alterations in mass consciousness requires a lot more of one answer than the other.

Mass consciousness is now actualized in all daily occurrences, and in the changes being made on man's behalf. All of this is a great demonstration of manifestation. Mental activity, both conscious and unconscious, delivers manifesting attitudes to the creator, and mass consciousness delivers mandates to the co-creators of our realm to deliver what makes its way to fruition. Change is easy to make - change the mental attitudes given to the creator.

Now, at the moment these words are being written, new dynamics are creating different conditions to come into action. Hearts have opened, and more caring and active contact with divine consciousness is in the mass consciousness. Another dimension of the changes that have begun is the cosmic alignment of the energetic triangle in astronomy. Contact between man and man's divine counterparts has been accelerated, to make the change of conditions on earth easy, instead of a more major drama.

Cast aside old ways of thinking. Ponder this: Changing the way the world completes its next steps depends on the attitudes YOU deliver to mass consciousness!

One day of happiness cannot do anything more than turn around negativity. More days of giving and celebrating can delete many deliveries of mental disappointments, as homey, cozy, caring and compassionate feelings of a much more connected group of conscious creators are magnetized. Patience can delete anxiousness. The possibility of moving into a nuclear mode of attack can be deterred when many of you are demonstrating patience.

Claiming your mastery means contributing many happy thoughts to cancel all those negative thoughts being delivered by "not very content" men and women who dim the light of change with their negativity. Are you giving happy thoughts to the creator? Are the attitudes delivered to mass consciousness by your mind alive with joy? Are the mental conditions (desires) being conveyed to the co-creators being heard?

Prayer, aliveness, gifting, singing, dancing, making an artistic drawing, or making a content filled manifestation board for the wall, can all divert disasters. Amicable attitudes towards one another go a very long way to heal all that did not get love on the day they called out for love.

I don't want any of you afraid to dream. Pontification doesn't do anything of value. Dreaming does. Dream of the life you want to manifest. Close the door to doubts! Give this message to those who can contribute their heart directed creativity to the dance of creating, manifesting and delivering light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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