Saturday, June 19, 2010

Africa and the Earth Changes

Countries on the continent of Africa will not get as many of the changes that other areas will get due to the lack of destruction they are creating. Pollution exists in the overcrowded cities, but other destructive management details that make earth changes do not occur in Africa now. I'm not addressing their gathering of money resources that opens holes in the earth's crust to dig out gems. I'm addressing their non-aggressive use of earth's materials to feed man's addiction to money creation.

Africa does not destroy anything intentionally. Man does not add toxic materials to African meals, or make deserts out of treed areas because of mass production of beef, or take the community of an area en mass to cancer because of chemical distributions on their planting that is not conducive to good health, or give control of their diet to companies offering chemicals as the main ingredients, or release contagious diseases that come out of laboratories, or, one of the nastiest control mechanisms of all: annihilate their consciousness with answers from "the controllers".

Men and women in African countries are caring and able to give to others out of anything they are able to get. None of the dog-eat-dog tactics about "mine over yours" exist outside of the government. African governments are not led by normal Africans. Most of them are derailed by man's greatest manipulator, the news media, showing Africans how to take and how to make themselves wealthy. No African man was taught this when he was a child.

Politics has been the downfall of the heart in Africa. Men who did their jobs to overturn a nasty, greedy leader become as corrupted as their predecessor. Why? God's ministers went to Africa to change the ancestors of man's greatest leaders and teach them Christian ways. Unfortunately, these Christians also taught them disturbing things they did not need to learn.

African men and women are closest to their families, then their colleagues in their area, then the ministers of their churches, then their government. Most other countries are the opposite in their allegiance. "My country" must not be the highest allegience. It can divide and destroy a loving couple, a loving mother and child, and a loving community. "My country" means nothing when it comes to love. Love is more important than any dogma, any control manager, or any distant answer to man's enjoyment of today.

Ponder this: Only love can give money to the people. God wants money to be connected to love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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