Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can The Planet Be Saved?

Healing the planet cannot be done. The destruction has been so devastating, that healing anything means exiting the area for hundreds of your years. Apathy about "hands of light" in the consciousness of man has negated the regeneration that man could have done with his own delivery of energy. Now, the deficiency in the health of man, and the land we call Gaia, is at such a drain level, it is no longer conducive to alterations by infusions of energy and mental imagery. What this means, is that man can either make do with what he has created, or continue to destroy the land until he can no longer inhabit it. Positive answers to the only conscious choice are abundant, and they may change things, but only when they are accepted by the men and women who make decisions about environmental issues.

A case in point is a marketing decision that was made, to delete the confidence of man about his responsibility to the planetary home he lives in. Man has always desired ownership. Why does this desire, to control, condemn the land he doesn't own? Is this non-contained land any less valuable? Why is the main address of man's desire only his own little piece of mankind's collective ownership? Is this all he can care about? As man has cared only about one small area, the land he doesn't care about has been destroyed.

Saving the forests, and the animals they make a cover for, are not his concern. Animals are the energy of another continuity contract with different "hands of light" beings, and their disappearance drains our ability to aid man. We ask the question, "Why doesn't man actively care about the land that is not attached to his control?" Maybe he can only care about the things he owns. Is that reason to kill off animals he doesn't own? And do these animals get any credit for their contribution to mankind? No, they are not considered as valuable to man as his automobile, or his clothes, or his activities that come with a price. Man has drained his home of the future by this ownership attitude. Changing his mind now is the only way to alter the decomposition of the continents and the water he needs to live. Polluting the Earth and the oceans cannot continue.

Polluting man's body must also end. Pills and chemicals are negative drains on the human energy field. Both do great damage to humans, generation to generation, distorting genetics that man needs to procreate. Closing this deficiency must be a major commitment for any company making a conscious attempt to deliver a different condition to the one now controlled by men who leave no demographic untouched by their desire to control.

Face the fact that the Earth must get man's care. No man can do this alone. The collective consciousness must get the message about actively doing things differently. Love has not been given to the land that is outside of the house man owns. Must he lose his house to accept his competency in a non-ownership position? Has he lost his desire to have a mansion in God's kingdom? This will only come to be when he admits his neglect of God's kingdom and does more to care for it.

May peace prevail on the drama of healing, now. Co-creation needs man's healing motivation, not his misery and distrust of his co-creating ability. Climbing mountains has always been a love of the dreamers of the Angelic kingdom. Mountains are to be climbed. Now the mountain of health of humanity is right in front of you. Assume that it is up to you to grasp the next summit before the others. How fast will you climb? How much energy will you contribute? Will you be a great hero or an apathetic observer.

Give this message deep consideration. Act on the call of the heart. Can the planet be saved? Are you willing to do your part?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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