Monday, September 27, 2010

Make Today A Gift

My dear ones. Oneness includes all opinions, attitudes, thoughts and misunderstandings. No human has an attitude that is not included in Oneness. Happiness is as consequential as depression in the mass consciousness. Both balance, and draw to manifestation the consequences of their contribution. Absolute freedom is available to all, to think the way they want. No opinion is less aware than any other opinion. ALL OPINIONS ARE FROM EGO, and are not absolute Truth. Any opinion of man's ego deletes his ability to awaken.

My calling now, is to clear non-aware consciousness. Considering that all opinions are non-aware, claiming to be more aware than others has no value. No ego is aware - all are opinion deliverers. My teachings are about awakening, which dissolves all opinions. Opinions are not being delivered on this blog. No anger is being delivered either, and there are no contradictions. As you are all now aware, my decision to not accept opinions, or advice, cancels the opportunity for those who want to discredit me or my channel, from doing so. Non-aligned attitudes do not continue here. Not because of "my ego", because this is not an accurate charge against an Ascended Master, but due to an arrogance that does not belong in this contact with me. Please accept my apologies if you feel attacked. No attack of any kind has been contributed here, or is being disqualified, only arrogance.

Now, my preference is to move on to the important things we are here to discuss, like awakening, and living a life that leads to more awareness. My comments about arrogance are over.

Today's message is for those who are concerned about having their friends and family accept these consciousness messages or their content. No man or woman has the responsibility of leading others to ascension. This must come from within each co-creator of the ascension path. Often, groups of loving friends do not choose the same path to awakening. Their path will be the next obvious step when it appears. Be the one who opens doors, but do not attempt to teach these messages or act as though they are the only way to awareness. This is not the Truth. Many Masters are able to direct chelas to their chosen destiny. My way is only one of them.

Freedom of choice also applies to those we desire to agree with us. None of you are being called by me to become consciousness guides of others. Only telling about your continued interest is sufficient. Those who are being called to another Master will not look at my teachings. Fine, my request is: there be no control put on anyone.  What you are being given on this blog is only for those who are benefiting from it. Come by choice. Take what feels good, and contemplate the rest. There is no dictator here, only a caring contributor to the next level of awareness.

Are you going to lead an ascension group with guidance in future days? Only those who can channel can open doors for others who cannot. Are you able to get direct messages from your own guides? Yes? Good, give them the opportunity to make contact regularly. No? Then learn to channel now. Get ready to listen to the guidance from your heart with aware, mental clarity. Some of your uninterested friends may need your assistance when the days of darkness appear. There will be no control to be given then either, but drama may draw them to the conscious choice of ascension. All will be perfect! Let them come aboard when the time is right.

Meditation is the only way to awaken. No meditation means there can be no clarity about the difference between God's voice and ego. Stillness is needed to know the divine essence that you are. A dictator does not direct people to meditate. They don't want their controlled minds to get quiet and find their own inner voice so it can lead. Only a Master would guide you to do this. Why won't you meditate? Because the mental controller, ego, doesn't want this to occur. Being quiet allows the heart to be more aligned with the mind. When this alignment occurs, no disturbance can cause one who meditates to fall apart, and conduits for aware teachings can become even more aware. Please meditate daily. Force yourself to do it. Set a clock to give you adequate time, and call in the Angels to assist, if there is much calming to be done. Angels are around, answering these calls. No call is not answered.

Peace within begins with meditation. All the mental awareness, conveyed in any form, is not adequate for activating an awakening. New teachings about co-creation of money are distractions. Give yourself the greatest abundance of all - awakened awareness, the key to happiness.

My blog is for all. No two think alike, and my answers attempt to reach all levels of understanding. This has been effective for many generations of consciousness raising. Now, drama creators have appeared, and they are attempting to lead the way to controller dominated attitudes. My choice to discard comments of this kind does not mean that all who are doing this are doing it with malice. When an energy of negativity appears in your awareness, all you can do is give it an honest response. Choice can determine that the less desirable option be discarded, or not. I welcome all comments that come from a "help me" attitude. All that are giving me advice are not coming from an attitude of divine awareness.

"Never give advice" is the most important lesson anyone can learn as a general map to Oneness. I give advice from divine awareness, and do not demand it be accepted. Only those who are awakened can advise accurately. Observing the guidelines posted on this blog for comments can be a way to learn how to contribute, as opposed to disturbing this contact for those who are not coming here for advice from an ego.

All are chelas of mine. All are loved as divine beings. All are treated with respect. My request is: all of you be the next leaders of awareness as caring, generous beings. Have no more distrust of the heart led actions coming to you from the divine. Check to see if the one offering guidance is the Christ consciousness. All who are not must leave.

Trust your own heart. Give from the heart. Give time, love, confidence, awareness, leadership and answers to others that are accurate. Give to yourself. Give all of these things to your domain also, not only to the ones you desire to be approved by. Give to the man who has become lost. He can give more to the world than he knows.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Master St.Germain, thank you so much for the message. Understood to my level. Indeed very very helpful message to clear our miss-concepts.

    Love you Always
    Muhammad Habib

  2. Saint Germain, the reason for the today's message it was my last post. I am happy, because you gave another wonderful lesson.

    1. My last post was positive in its intention. I thought that the "trouble maker" could be someone who was testing himself, more than us.

    2. What you teach is different from what we have done for a long time. It's a new civil moral of being and functioning as I Am which asks for freedom of the expression of my thoughts, feelings and spoken words and responsibility for each of them. It asks for not interfiering with the other guy and letting him free to make his choises.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Aruna, and beloved Saint Germain ... in deep deep gratitude, thank you. The energy that is distributed along with the written words is touching my heart deeply with every daily addition. It feels like a remembering from outside the mind, a 'knowing' that's being stirred every day. My trust in my guides has increased 10-fold and my need to awaken is now my absolute priority. The opportunity you are offering us is more profound than i think we can comprehend at this stage of our remembering/learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 'Life' is finally starting to make sense! May we all come together as ONE and manifest the divine plan.

    In loving gratitude,

    Helen Rose