Friday, August 27, 2010

Give Gaia Your Assistance

Can the days to come provide the men and women on Gaia with all of their human needs? As of this moment, nothing is impossible. But, to do the kind of changes that are needed, there must be more concern about this topic. Fuel cannot be counted on from oil, or any byproduct of oil. Clean water can be made out of current water, though making this will need man's attention before new diseases are developed that cannot be contained by current purification methods, and water cannot be drained of these additional contents. Air pollution must also be addressed, as man's air causes more contamination than man admits to any of his neighbors.

Gases emitted daily from common carbon dioxide and methane sources are destroying the air.  And new gases are being delivered from chemicals in dumps and houses that contain air filters and mechanical energy devices that cause the movement of toxic fumes. Purifiers do not clear the air any better than ordinary door closing. Pure air is not available anywhere, outside of a natural environment that contains many trees. All other areas, including deserts, man made countries, and Arctic areas are contaminated, and that contamination destroys all of God's creations. Can this be altered? This contamination can be deleted now, for a great trade off. Stop using things that contribute to contamination. Automobiles are not the cause. Machinery that delivers gas for cattle activities and cattle themselves contribute more toxins to the air than all automobiles do together.

Cows contribute methane, and cannot be grazed without food that causes methane. Cows are the greatest contributors to air contamination and global warming. What can be done? Eat less beef! Cutting the cow population by 10% would clear most of the overly toxic conditions that are causing global warming.

Freezers and air conditioners also contribute to global warming. Both contain freon, and more than any other device, they pollute the air. Only using one freezer, in a refrigerator, could eliminate a lot of toxic gas donations to the air. Machines that deliver coal into energy are the next most active contributors. Control of coal melting could deplete air pollution by millions of gallons of contaminates per minute.

Are these contaminates being controlled? Absolutely not. So, we can do what it takes to eliminate all hazardous effects to man's environment, and we are not doing any of these things. Why do humans believe they can continue doing destructive things, and live without any consequences? Man has a brain that can calculate this error and analyze the results, and yet, no changes are implemented. Pure apathy!

My dear ones, what does my realm need to do to get more action? Can my message go to those who can do the needed cutbacks? Can the meat industry give more attention to the cows leaky gut condition? Or the delivery of meat to consumers? Beef that has been grazed in one country needs to be consumed nearby, or air pollution, that comes from air transport, causes more damage to the air than a big caravan of oil companies fuel tanks. Shop for food that is produced near where you live, and you will help clear the air you need to breathe.

Air contaminates are also affecting the food you consume that grows nearby. All of it is getting doses of active medicines in the water that is delivered from area collection and distribution centers. Medicine in water cannot be completely cleared with filtration. Medicines that are not consumed need to be recycled, not put in toilets or garbage dumps. Humans already are being controlled by medicines that doctors are taught to deliver. No additional medication can give any assistance to the human organism. Fluoride is a most corrosive toxin. Adding this to water delivers more toxins to man than air pollution. Save the earth by deleting this dangerous destroyer of man's health from your food and water.

Can the planet get the help it needs? Our realm observes all of these things and cannot understand the need for connecting the dots that has not been addressed. Positive thinking is all good, but doing something that leads to a solution makes a much greater contribution. Care of the planet is in your hands. All we can do, is ask you to do what is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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