Sunday, September 26, 2010

Answer To My Challengers

Pacing this communication is needed, because understanding the concept of Oneness may not be easy for all that read this blog. Most readers do not accurately comprehend that the life you live, called duality, is actually part of Oneness. It is not the true reality, but the one that appears in mind's ability to observe. All that occurs in duality is an outer expression of what goes on in the mass consciousness. As this controls what the body is about to experience, closing the door to this condition cannot take anyone to an awakening. Awakening occurs to a body. All duality begins with concepts of mind. All of the duality concepts are the dark, and all of the caring, loving concepts are the light. All duality behavior comes from one's thinking. Oneness includes all of these thoughts, and all of these answers to your questions are from the loving aspect of the duality within Oneness.

All of the chelas reading this blog are now considered human. I address them as humans, but this is only their container, not their awareness. All awareness is One consciousness, as all dogs are dogs, but as each dog has a different appearance and personality, they appear to be quite different from each other. As man also has many appearances, he also is delivering different mental clarity levels, and different actions, as his contribution to the totality. Appearances are not the totality that can be declared the same. Essence is, consciousness is. All humans, dogs, cats, horses, and elephants have the same essence. Not the same awareness, nor the same abilities.

Containers differ, thinking differs. Clarity about awareness differs. Some can only relate to those differences. Others can accept that all are One, but don't clearly comprehend this message, as it is now a cliche. Assuming an understanding, is not the same as having a direct experience of this cliche, or actualizing all I am saying in full awareness. To be an awakened being, the differences between all beings cannot be ignored, any more than denying that there is duality going on in the world. Those who want me to deny this condition are not able to comprehend that only acknowledging this condition can lead to an awakening.

My consciousness is the same as all who are human. The difference that makes me a Master and my chelas the one's being guided, is that my awakened awareness deletes the concepts my chelas have about all things that are not in their field of consciousness, yet. No two humans think the same. Some are more giving than others. Some are not happy. Some are afraid. All of these different attitudes are contained in Oneness. One essence does not mean one common awareness. Awareness comes with deleting the arrogant mind's attitudes. Arrogance is a level of denial that eliminates one's ability to learn. Clarity only comes when the mind can claim, "I don't know."

None of my chelas are Ascended Masters. If they were, they would not be reading this message. An Ascended Master cares about all of creation, every component of the dream, is my heart's chela. No two, in conception, are alike, and my love for each is the same. This is Oneness consciousness. Can you say that? Yes? Great! Now we can talk about Truth. Until the death of ego, there will be no complete graduation from duality thinking. Only the death of ego assures Oneness consciousness. Kill the ego? No, we don't consider ego an adversary. Ego is the baby, who accepted all the things he was told, and doesn't care if they are accurate. He completely believes all he has assumed, and doesn't care that there is more to absorb. Ego is the less aware aspect of man's humanity. Ego death only means: death of ignorance.

Opening the mind is the attitude that allows an awakening. To be derogatory and arrogant, to the one teaching you about higher consciousness, only deletes your own ability to live with others. Oneness is about togetherness, not opposition. Not understanding? Good, ask questions. Not agreeing? Ask questions. Not liking? Go away. Attacking the messenger does nothing for anyone, especially those doing the attacking. No more attack messages are to be accepted. Give me the courtesy of being respected. Go away if you don't accept my chosen words or my way of leading to awakening. Stop challenging, and get the benefit of what can be gained.

Gathering negativity on a public forum is an adversarial, dominating direction, not Oneness in any context. Bring the mind to my messages in an open, learning way. Gain what can be gained. Allow all to gain what they can gain. Caring, being about love, is the answer to the little child called "me and my ego". Give love a chance.

No duality exists! All of humanity and all of human awareness contains the same consciousness. No two appear alike, and none dream the same dream. All are incarnated to learn about being their True nature, which is love. Oneness comes with giving, caring and sharing. Adversarial attitudes are duality in the mind of the one who denies Oneness. Be happy, be caring, give freely, love all. This is my message. It is all about Oneness, and no appearance of duality can delete this Truth. Practice meditation to learn what your True Nature feels like.

Now, why do I tell you to give to others? Because your attitude about money deletes your own ability to receive. Giving to those who give to you, is Oneness consciousness. Takers are the drain on God's abundance. Givers do more for abundance thinking than my words can convey. Open hearts are about giving, caring and acting out caring deeds.

Patience is needed. I'll answer your questions as quickly as I can, one day at a time.

Acting caring includes caring for the body that consciousness needs to function. Give yourself good care. Get healthy, get ready to feed yourself through a food shortage. Prepare for difficult days. Consciousness needs a body to deliver awareness to.

Blessings to all,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I fear that it was my comment that caused you to become angry and perhaps it is I you are telling to 'go away.' I sincerely apologize if this is the case. I just had some questions I wanted clarity on and my question came from a place of genuinely wanting clarity.
    I assume you are speaking to me as I don't see any other comment in the last posting that would have upset you.
    Forgive me for wording my comment in a manner that is not befitting. It was not meant to be challenging or offensive. I enjoy your messages and want to learn more.


  2. A beautiful response to the concerns voiced by the seekers. Thanks!!

    Greg Daugherty

  3. Saint Germain, channeled by ArunaSeptember 26, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    Sonja, This message was not a response to your question. It was an answer to another post that was not published. Thank you for your question, it gave me the opportunity to provide more clarity on this subject.

  4. Hi, sometimes what I read is uncomfortable and sometimes I don't fully understand. I find myself reacting in various contradicting ways sometimes to your messages. But I let it be and always look forward to your next lesson. I appreciate the guidance and I am everyday curious of how an awakening really is. You have described it exhaustively, and yet I remain ignorant of how it would be. I grasp and to me it's fundamental that I should meditate, yet I don't do it. Why? Why is it that I want, I ask, I receive the answer, yet I don't follow up? Why? Thank you.

  5. Acceptance and love while keeping the "bad guy" away of my energy field, would be my answer. This "bad guy" could be a kid who plays innocently around the Internet, pretending he knows more then his parents, bosses, Masters, and God Himself. Who is a parent and hasn't faced this attitude of own children?
    Master, could you please just let it go?

  6. All good and bad is part on Oneness. Thank you St.Germain. Many many points are cleared in each of your message. We try to read your message with our highest possible consciousness/vibs/frequency. Hence its so great feeling and understanding and joy and satisfaction and peace that travels to our vibs from your words. I would say its as if doors of heaven open to shower upon us heavenly wisdom daily through this blog. We (all of me) mean it.

    We are All One,
    We Love All,
    Muhammad Habib

  7. Hi.
    The last message is a great reminder for me. First of all it shows me my dependency on external information, how it affects my well being. And the other thing is about not treating or seeing anyone as a being superior to me, no matter in which domension that being resides. Playing a victim role of someone who doens't know what to do or think or feel without being told what to do- must end one day. The sooner the better. Helping me in being in my own power as an equal divine being for me is a true teaching (no matter how tough it seems to be- sometimes it's the only way to get to someone). And a real friendship. Thank you.

  8. Hi there,

    I've just posted a few questions on another previous posted message titled: Changing DNA, which I hope Ascended Master St. Germain would be kind enough to provide us with some comments and opinions to the related questions.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  9. Hi Aruna,

    In addition to my questions posted just now, there is also another question that I would add on as well, which is besides Nesara (which I think is not true), there is also another global prosperity fund founded by a group of secret societies (e.g. ancient families, etc.), I would like to ask if that's also true as well.

    For your information, I'm very new to your blog site so I may not be aware if any of the questions posted were answered previously, if so, please advise me accordingly.

    It would also be nice if Ascended Master St. Germain could comment more about the future of money and finances in the coming years right up to 2012 and beyond, unless the bottomline is "there isn't any paper money or any other thing to be called money, just barter trade.", but this is my own conclusion after having looked through the few messages on money given by Ascended Master St. Germain on this blog.

    Many Thanks & Best Regards,

  10. I feel You as a part of myself. I know we are One.I feel we are One. There is no word said by You wich couldnt be said by me. There is no mistake with each now and here, but there is a emotion which make me speak to you. I AM THAT I AM, support me with BE IT.