Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Changes About to Occur

Change is about to get more eventful. Consider how these events are going to make your lives difficult. Most of the changes are about money, and not the way many of you have been calling for. New money conditions include: default of loans on many delinquent accounts, banks not able to cash out their investments, funds being controlled by banks not being paid, end of credit, control of new currency by chaotic demands of investors and managers of markets, depletion of market activity worldwide, compensation for work not paid, men depending on money to feed families not being employed, great depression all over again. Not a cause for celebration to be sure. But this breakdown must occur before an abundant lifestyle for all can proceed.

Next, will be a new condition where man does not consider only his own needs, and all will get more of the resources available. Currently, the many who aren't very rich contribute their money to those who are. Next, those who are now wealthy will have more than others, but not as much more as they have now.

Computers will be able to maintain operation, although costs for enjoying them may get out of the reach of the majority. Control of the internet will come at first, but will be overturned by mass objection.

Police are now being readied to make the life of most Americans less appealing. Mass collection areas are already in place to arrest those who don't comply with new arrangements about the cost of living challenge. Debts not paid may be cause for an arrest. Harboring a criminal of any accusation can be cause for an arrest. Clear choices about debt and other options to manage to live will be negligible.

May my contribution today provide some choices that may not be as obvious when the mechanisms for all of the changes are active:
1. Be able to channel - the ability to receive inner guidance directly makes all of the options more available at the moment guidance is needed.
2. Cheerfulness can get you more advantages than anger.
3. Faith in the divine calls to you more opportunities.
4. Close your bank accounts before you are not able to get money out. Not at this moment, but when money becomes obviously less available.

Next month, not next year, we will begin to see more banks fail. As this becomes common, deduct your assets from banks. Buy what will be needed to live for about a year - all of the details like toilet paper, agricultural seeds, garbage bags, etc. Get what you can and be as generous as possible to get supplies you can share with others.

Make a contribution to a child's future by donating your time to help that child learn to meditate and get guidance from within. Many children will not act with any consciousness during difficult times. Apprehension can cause many acts of aggression. Make an attempt to compensate for their angry contact with leading more awareness of God to them.

God will be able to contain much of the chaos, as more and more are awakening and their guidance in the material world will create less chaos and more conditions of caring.

Also plan to give away things that will not be needed during difficult times, to be less attractive to those who may not get enough of their needs met. The practice of living simply can alter the direction of their anger away from you.

Consider my words carefully. Act accordingly. Money is not the only deletion that is coming. Other dis-eases are to be delivered by human drug companies and their managers. Other quarrels among countries will expand to mass consciousness to be determined, and mastery in leadership will come to those who are not dense and controlled.

The controllers are not going to leave the chaos to itself, their plan is to make a mess so they can clean it up, their way. Not when we are on the other end of your asking for assistance. If you can do what you are guided by all of those who dream of a most loving contact with you, most of you will turn away from control, and make contact with our realm to co-create a New Earth. Facing the facts, to make arrangements, must begin now.

Ascending begins with an awakening that detaches the mind of the heart from all worldly conditions. My advice to all, is to dream of being the one who delivers love and peace to others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I'm not so sure I understand the purpose in putting forth such a negative message re: our possible future.

    If the author truly believes that we are creating our mass reality through the individuated thoughts that each of us thinks, then why go into the negative possibiities? The law of attraction is such that whatever we think consistently and with emotion, becomes reality.

    The above message will certainly NOT induce any kind of joy or positive feelings of emotion. Instead it is likely to cause fear and contraction....these are not responses that are conducive to the manifestation of positive results.

  2. RE: post by iamfreedom;

    Offended? Not at all. Curious...yes, mostly because I sense that these writings really do emanate from an open, caring heart.

    Beliefs create reality. Therefore, whether you believe in the validity of a mass reality or an individual reality or a combo of both, beliefs about your future world state are of great importance in terms of the manifestations you can expect.

    You are absolutely right....CHOICE is always available. No doubt though when any of us is in a weakened state, a state where we believe we cannot hear our own inner voice of wisdom, the words and beliefs of others CAN have an influence upon our own beliefs.

    It would be like me telling my child that she should prepare to be hit by a bus as she crosses the street in the coming weeks.....it IS a possibility after all. Such preparedness helps to draw forth into our reality the very thing we're preparing to experience...it 'invites' the likelihood of that thing happening into our midst...this applies to occurrences negative OR positive.

    Many believe that our world as we know it is collapsing...mass beliefs are powerful.

    Whether or not we as an individual being could handle such a scenario as world collapse and rise above it is not the point. I'm quite sure that many of us would hold ourselves centered and connected to spirit regardless of what state our world was in, but my questions is; Why choose something negative to create when you hold the power to create something better?

  3. I am thankful for the heads up... always needed in our evergrowing world of chaos as "control" trys to move in...
    Thank you!

  4. I suppose for those who see our current world as one of 'evergrowing chaos" a feeling of gratitude would be the logical response to being warned of disaster that was believed to be imminent.

    The truth is though that portions of our world may be in chaos, but the majority of the world and it's people are not. This is certainly not to diminish the seriousness of those who are having a negative experience, but it's important to take pause and really assess the reality of the situation.

    We'll never hear about all of the amazing and dedicated parents in our midst who protect and love their children, we'll never hear of the kind deeds extended in any one day in any given city, we'll never hear about the unselfish acts committed with another mind that occur day in and day out all around us. However, If one guy at the end of his rope loses it and commits a gruesome murder, we'll definitely hear about it.

    Why is it that most would choose to focus upon the gruesome murder or the country at war and not all of the good stuff instead. We really do have a choice where to place our focus.

    The reason our news stations feature all of the negative happenings in our world is BECAUSE these negative things are an ANOMALY. These happenings are not the norm, they are aberrations in human behavior and aberrations in the day to day unfolding of our reality, therefore we highlight them and often choose to focus upon them. GOOD is the norm, therefore, most of us don't deem it worthy of reporting upon.

    As Aruna wrote in her Aug. 3 blogpost (words I agree with immensely!)

    "Fear will cause your concerns to manifest. All the predictions made, including mine, can be altered NOW. Choose a different attitude about the future, and create the future anew!"

    If we all begin to turn our focus away from the negative happenings in this world, focus upon the positive (there's lots!) and envision those who are not currently living a positive experience as moving into a place of peace, calm and abundance, we can create the future world of our dreams...it is well within our powers to do so.

    Preparing for disaster if one believes it is truly imminent will be seen by most as good common sense. It's hard to dispute that one. From where I sit though, this type of preparation feels more like paving the way for the predicted disaster's eventuality.