Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Co-Create With Spirit

Repetitive patterns of behavior do not create more mandates for us. Once a request is made, there is no need to repeat that request. Canceling a request can be done once, and we get a clear direction that one time. Changing the conditions of a request make our work more complicated.

To get a major request co-created, ask for all that is needed during the first mention. Put it down in writing. Make a map of the elements. Call our attention to the concept and ask, and then do not ask again. There is no need to keep asking. The doubt indicated in the repeated asking eliminates any confidence in the answer, and doesn't encourage the matrix of materialization to comply. To make a desire materialize, take your negative thoughts out of the equation. By not contributing any negative thoughts you are giving us the message to move on the quest. Practice our method and get more conclusions to your requests.

Most of you change a request too often, then doubt our ability to co-create, because the negative thoughts you contribute cancel the order. Make one complete request and don't ask again. Give us the answers we need about the minor details. Give us the dates being targeted. All of these minor details are necessary.

Now, don't ask about this again. An order is being co-created. On the other end of the co-creation is a major contingent of assistants to do the energizing of the answer. Now is the time to be grateful for our assistance.

Prayer is one way to ask, but not the most effective. Man's prayers are not done in a sufficiently detailed format that makes clear what conditions you are asking for. An example of man's asking in prayer may be: "take care of my mother" Now, what do we do with that? The mother may be very healthy and happy at the time. How do we do anything to fill this request?

A lack of details makes our work more guesswork than convincing and actuated. Sounds that drive us away are: maybe, cannot, don't believe, never, dare, could, dream, not, won't, and many more like these. Dense conditions are created by these sounds. Never does an asking get co-created that contains these sounds.

Opportunities for co-creation are not as most men believe them to be. Praying nightly for the very same thing does nothing. Prayer can be a real request when many details are included. And, the materialization turned over to us to be energized to fruition. NO DUPLICATES PLEASE!

Conscious co-creation requires: that man act as a mandator of the things desired, mentions an active concern to be aided in, and gives a conscious request to us to manage. All details are included in the mandate, no duplications are given. and no details are changed during the process. Never ask and distrust the Masters ability to give the answer. Disbelief denies the asking.

Keep notes on the requests you make. Notes help us. To make a clear, detailed request, write it down. Notes do another thing. They let you know our work on your request is complete when the manifestation matches the notes. Ask for many things in one note. We can accept all of them. Maybe one or two are not complete at the same moment the others are. This is not determined by these one or two conditions being in the note, only our ability to deliver.

Considering the condition that man's free will must always override our nudges, our ability to deliver on requests is about as complete as our realm can convince man to comply.

So you can now understand the need we have for our chelas to be able to get our messages and have them willing to act quickly on messages they agree to. Ponder this: Sanity is not the most deliverable request. Asking for it makes us crazy.

May all your dreams be fulfilled by our new ability to co-create with you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Saint Germain, today's message was extremely useful. I will write my requests down in details and never ask again or doubt your ability to deliver.
    Thank you Aruna