Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make The Change

Who can make a difference in anything man desires? Man. Man can move the clouds, and make the heavens bring forth moisture. Man also can make wind move, crops grow, and fields flower. Man can act on his consciousness that he can make a natural channel for healing in his own body. Man can create the New Earth with the mastery of his natural way of being. Before negative attitudes of mind convinced man to not be the co-creator of beauty, man did all he could to find natural ways to bring gifts to the world.

With the advent of high technology, beginning during WWI, man abdicated his basic control of creativity to machines. Military might was more important than heart led creations. So a new kind of control came with corporate development. Corporations made the necessities, and controlled their consumer, by making control their doctrine. Control of the man's dinner, and his medication, controlled man's continuity and creativity. Most doses of medicine, today, are more about mental depletion than they are for improving health.

Ample food is available to feed 100% of the countries that need it. Nothing is considered more welcome than this commodity. Can the big countries bring food to the little ones? No, they cannot. Why? Because companies control the distribution of their products, and do not allow free gifts of food to governments that are not allies to the country they have allegiance to. Politics controls food.

Never before has the world needed more distribution of food. Pakistan and China, and any country that has made a dent in their communities' needs, also need more donations to feed their citizens during a crisis.

Capitalism is not being caring. Children die because food doesn't come. Money doesn't get donated when contact between hearts has been diminished by media, doing its best to control attitudes. Politics of man's mind game demands allegiance to goals that are divisive, not caring goals. Politics can be changed. Caring can come out of the ashes, and delete all of man's control games.

Freedom of man's controllers begins in the heart. Caring about others can make a new statement. Politicians who are not caring can be eliminated, and more caring ones elected. All political parties are controlled by big business. Corporations donate money to politicians to control their decisions. Money from corporations dictates how food is distributed and controls politicians. Can you see the mockery this makes of man's control of life? A complete joke!

Another method of control comes from defeat of the current one. New constitutions need to be developed with caring for the needy as a priority. Contracts to build apartments for the needy need to be made, to take the place of corrupt domiciles that allow cheating one's neighbor to go on. Actual living, as a commitment to humanity, needs more attention. Children must get an answer to poverty. No company will do this. Making man address man's needs comes from more than my comments. It comes from a group of open hearts. My comments are only suggestions for those hearts to consider.

Caring hearts do more than think about how they can help. Caring hearts take action. Find ways to help others and give the gift of caring out to the world. Giving accelerates the door opening of the heart of mass consciousness. Change will depend on giving. No dependent of a corporation will give the way an open heart can. No politician cares as much for the needy as he does for a company's money. No doors are opening in mass consciousness by actions of these contributors. We need more contributions of caring from Oneness consciousness. My chelas can demonstrate their consciousness by contributing whatever they can to those in need. Help can be contributed by making a trip to the corner to talk to an out of luck man who hangs out there. Or, take a child out for a new day of fun, or be a friend to a contained one with dis-ease. Many opportunities exist for this kind of caring. Bring your hearts to those who need more love. All can do this. No man should need a friend. Begin now!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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