Saturday, August 7, 2010

Choices That Make "A New Dream"

My dear ones. My only hope for the continuation of the human continuum has the need for more of my chelas to contact their divine guidance. If they are not able to answer a call to do what can assist them to live, how can they help others? Why would man deny what is necessary to continue life? My continued call to all who can get my messages, is to open a channel to an Angel or Ascended Master, not to an ET or to another Compte de Saint Germain, only authentic I AM Consciousness. What does it take to make this calling more clear?

Only the most committed have done any channeling experiments. Only the most convinced have ordered A Course In Channeling. Only the most concerned are going to be delivered to their chosen destiny. Being contacted by divine guidance may delay a death, or deliver a message or comment that is needed for new inter-dimensional awareness. Clear contact can make a big difference in your health when drugs are not available. One of the next controller actions is for no medicine to be available and for there to be no doctors who are able to deliver health support during a crisis. No drugs are now available in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India when disasters happen. Can you think about this happening where you are? What to do? What to eat? What can be done to assist?

Meditating NOW can open a channel to help you get answers to these questions when they need to be asked. If you are not meditating, don't expect any aid when the need arises. No aid can be given to those who do not create the ability to access guidance.

Can this call to man get more attention? What needs to happen, is that mass consciousness announce the need to meditate. Can you contribute this mandate to mass consciousness? Ask for assistance to get 10 million meditators at an active level. Ask the members of your network of family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to meditate. Can you teach others to do this?
Meditation may appear difficult at first, but during the time the body is not thinking, another message can be delivered. Can these messages be acted upon? Or are they only a way for us to say "hello"?

Meditation will allow new ideas to come to awareness. Continuity of man's continuum rests on the degree to which man can hear and take action on the messages delivered to him in meditation.

False messages may also be delivered. You must also learn how to tell whether a message comes from an Angel or Ascended Master, your own Master Within OR a devious entity seeking attention. Always ask: Is this message of Christ Consciousness? Always ask, as a controller cannot cite "Yes" as an answer. No answer means no Christ Consciousness, so cancel that mandate immediately.

ETs will not co-create with you. None of the controller's dramas can be eliminated unless you have the awareness that another domain of consciousness is being accessed. Practicing discernment can demonstrate that no controller can control our chelas.

Face the most dramatic times of your lives with the most preparation. Cancel denial, open the mind, hear the messages, act on them, and give gratitude to the guides who are making contact. These four "make a new dream" necessities are now yours to accept or not.

Channeling comes as a result of meditating. Consider channeling a most important contact tool, better than an amplifier, or major music appliance, or a cash donation to your bank account. My daily messages are not going to always be available. The channeling of my messages can dry up due to the lack of my ability to make contact through dense conditions. When this occurs, will you be able to hear the Masters and Angels who are giving you advice? Are you meditating?

This message may appear a bit controlling, but the intent of my words is to have my chelas only make choices that will bring them to their own chosen destiny.

Ponder this: Making a difference means to do the things you are called to do. No more, no less.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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