Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meditation for Contact with Masters and Angels

My next topic will be the way we navigate human contacts. This will make yesterday's message more than an outline.

When man asks an Angel or an Ascended Master for help, the asking gives us permission to make contact. No contact can be initiated by the Angel or Ascended Master without a request. Meditating calls to us also, not only mental activity. Meditation is the same as asking with words. Meditation and calling out for aid can open doors never opened before. Welcoming gifts are given that may get the attention of the one new to the Master or Angel's connection, but the gifts are not always consciously connected to our giving them. My gift to Aruna was the feeling of pure love that she called "meditation", and not a comment was made about my gift, because her mind did not realize the act of giving had occurred.

Many of our donations to man are not recognized, because man does not get any education about the majority of things that cannot be seen. My attempts to alter this have now begun.

Masters and Angels do exist. We are mainly overseers of an organized drama, organized by those who are being overseen. Man was not always considered aware enough to choose the way of an action that was needed to move a drama along, so the Masters and Angels were asked to treat man as an uneducated child, learning the ways of human action. Man has learned about his ability to manage his activities, to make the conscious choices needed to ultimately awaken conscious awareness, but now the controllers are doing their best to deny this consciousness, and density conditions are being given by them. Picking the dense answers that deny awareness means no movement is made towards accomplishing man's original goals. Masters and Angels have been asked, by the creator, to move things along.

The only way we can do this, is to create movement in the minds of all the actors. Closed minds makes it impossible for us to deliver our good intentions. The opening of minds can co-create our mutual goals.

Many dramas are going on at the same moment. Many of us are active to assist. We have the ability to contact you, but you must ask for this. When we give advice, it is to get action in a needed area that will create conscious movement in new directions. No contact on our realm can control anything. Man can always choose not to go along with our advice.

Ponder this: Man and our realm can co-create many things. All we need is for you to ask for our advice.

Are you more aware of our contact ability now? Can you accept that we want to tell you things? Can you give us the attention you are able to give? Are we going to be able to co-create together? Ask and you shall receive.

Bring your attention to a possible contact from us during your quiet moments. Our presence can be felt by those who are open to this. Make your desire for contact known, and you will get the welcome we are able to give. Make a date to accept our attention daily, at a consistent time. Meditate then.

I'll be active to continue this dialog with anyone who asks for it. Please ask. Peace and anchoring of light need our co-creation now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank You beloveds Aruna and Saint Germain for this most wonderful message, which I feel directed to me and for which I've been waiting all of my life. please continue this dialog....


  2. thank you Master for reminding us to ask. We are so involved in our mind's games that we easily forget. I've asked and I might have already receive. Although what I received doesn't look like a gift at the moment I have a sense that it is, unpleasant as it is, what I need in my path of growth. I'm confident that I will receive more signs from you. Thank you.
    and thank you Aruna for ... all that you are and that you make available to all of us.