Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can Ascension Occur in 2012?

Ponder this: My chelas are making me wonder if they are truly committed to ascension.

One of the qualifications for ascension is to be detached, detached from what happens in the world. Being detached means being able to look at a situation, clearly see the duality it represents, and not get upset about the actuality of the event. Sending in the Angels is going to be very difficult, if many of those who are to ascend are attached to having their lives be comfortable. Ascension is not about getting a boost of light, or getting an Angel's wings, or becoming the divine cause of peace and joy for mankind. The ascended condition includes no continuity with man's world. The impact made to change man's world comes from the ascension itself, not control of things in the world by those ascending. Never have my colleagues, or my Angelic friends, told the world about the need for detachment. All who are making lists of worldly desires are not ready to ascend. My worksheet has too many requests for financial abundance to get a clear calibration about those who prefer ascension to worldly existence.

Chapter One of this blog was to force another attack on my messenger to see how she did with her level of detachment. She passed. Can all of you concede the desire to be accepted? Can you demonstrate no care or concern about what happens to move the continents to another location? Are you being divine in your cause and effect attitudes towards all of the players in humanity's movie? My dear ones, what is your contribution to leave behind with those who are not ascending? Clear out all the mis-information about ascension being a trip to heaven. Ascension is not about going to an imaginary fantasy land for a new "dance of leela". Confront your mind's attitudes about actuality and fantasy. Graduation from earth school is nothing we can describe. New classes will not be formed. No changes to the ambiance of man's daily life will occur in new earth-like dramas, because there will be no dramas. The actors will be gone, areas of the continents will be gone, actions of the contributors will be negligible, because only a few will be dense enough to enter the new atmosphere.

College has been attended, and as graduation looms, the final exam includes the ability of all the students to detach from their mental demons and move out of density.

Chapter Two of my blog is about healing. Healing is not the lack of dis-ease. Healing is the consciousness shift from "me" to "we". Healing is the most important detail needed today. "Me vs. "we" consciousness has dominated mankind since Atlantis. Consider this chapter a most destructive one that has to go. Oneness is not only a concept, it is reality.

Chapter Three begins with new days of density and ends with man's conversion from duality to non-duality. Masters with the ability to ascend are to leave when this has been completed. When will this occur? Not in the energy of duality that currently dominates earth. A different energy must be activated. A doomsday attitude must be discarded and replaced with "Hallelujah, man has achieved God consciousness!"

Celebrations of this event can demonstrate the readiness for ascension. Can we get all this done by Dec. 21, 2012? Only if those who are ascension candidates are able to become Angels NOW. What can I do to help make this happen? Can my channel deliver an answer to a question you may have? Can we become twenty million ascending in 2012? Make this a target date, the activation of it on that date depends on all who are committed to Dec. 21, 2012 as their day to completely detach from man's life as it is to be. Not as an escape, but as a next step in consciousness.

Are there twenty million that know these communications exist? No. Can you assist me to get this to them? My dream is to have at least half of this number ready for ascension on the December 21, 2012 date. Confusion about my previous channeling is going to come up now. My desire is for ascension on this date to occur, but at this moment, this is not very likely. Based on current conditions, another few years are needed to get even one-fourth of these candidates ready.

My challenge and request, to all reading this message, is: Post this in as many places as you can, and help to lead the way for a mass consciousness adjustment by 2012. Face the fact that help is here and act like an adept, not a storyteller. Caring about the future is not the same as being concerned about it. What will be will be. No regrets about anything.

Beloved ones, ascension is NOW. Changing divisiveness must happen NOW. Acting like an Angel must begin NOW. We are one big family who forgot our connection. Remember who you are, and this can lead you home. Bliss is just around the corner for those who are willing to make a contribution to ascension. Can I meet you at the gate?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. "Based on current conditions, another few years are needed to get even one-fourth of these candidates ready."

    Or not. Things can become worse, not better. If nothing happens by 2012, all this will be forgotten and considered just delusions, and people will focus on material reality, the only real and concrete reality for most, including most Lightworkers.

    Channelings dealing with this subject haven´t much credibility anymore among the few Lightworkers who like them (most don´t like, they like just "sugar coated" messages, Earth is ascending, you are becoming multidimensional beings, etc). After all the failed predictions by several sources, to name the main: Ashtar Command through Tuella, Ariana Sheran, The Crystal Stair, Operation Terra and even Master Messages, every information on this subject is considered suspicious.

    Credibility is essential to channelings, and it has been ruined by sucessive failed messages and predictions.

    Now it is too late. All the chances to instruct mankind about these subjects were wasted away.

  2. I am intrigued by this subject and have done some 'research', the result of which is that depending on how you look at the shift, it could also be seen as a descension. Or better put a merging of humanity with angelic entities. Our language is probably not totally suitable to describe the indescribable though.

    Wonderful blog by the way ... Keep the wisdom flowing ...