Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BEING = Awakened and Aware

My dear ones. My lesson today about manifestation will give you a better understanding of yesterday's message.

What happens to the awareness of my cautionary message? Nothing. Being aware of things does not manifest them. Manifestation begins with desire, and none of the conditions I mentioned are desirable. Manifestation requires more attention than merely reading or gathering information from various sources. Manifestation is a co-creation with our realm, and none of us would give our assistance to that kind of creation. Please, give yesterday's message a most controlled deletion from your daily attention, but allow the awareness gained from it to assist you in acting on the guidance it contains.

Many of those who consider themselves Awake are actually not Awake, because they have not addressed the causes of fear in their mind. Awake means: AWARE OF ALL AND AFFECTED BY NOTHING. Being Awake continues in ongoing drama without any disturbance. An Awakened one has the ability to be at peace in all conditions. An Awakened one does not avoid anything because of fear, because nothing causes fear. Nothing is created by an Awakened one, unless mandates are consciously made with intention. Positive attitudes are not enough to activate cause and effect. Negative attitudes are mind's way of avoiding awareness.

Being aware of things gives the mind an opportunity to address the fears that many are denying. Being aware of the details of these less desirable manifestations provides you with an opportunity to make a more conscious choice NOW. Avoiding awareness of future events is the main cause of the apathy mentioned in my other messages. Not knowing, by drawing a curtain over the facts available, creates a most difficult situation for those unwilling to be informed.

Twenty million of the men and women on Gaia are ascension candidates. Mental denial about the cause of disasters, and an attitude of absolute control over mental content, deletes one's abiity to ascend. To ascend, mind's concerns must be canceled completely. An Awakening does this.

To cancel concerns, or to move out of denial, begins with awareness. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of the days to come? Are you afraid of my messages? Are you afraid of the cause and effect of your own thinking? Then be courageous, and address all of your fears NOW! Only dealing with them deletes them.

Anxiety about future events is not going to manifest these events. Anxiety about future events is a message from an inner voice that needs addressing. Clearing that anxiety must be done if you want to ascend.

Making a decision about ascension needs addressing now. Those who are denying their fears will not ascend. Not addressing anything that causes discomfort must be reversed. Address EVERYTHING that causes discomfort.

No light can shine from a body containing mental attitudes that deny fear. Nothing lightens the world more than gratitude. Gratitude for the advanced information about future events would cause the action that is needed to get yourself and your other contacts ready for these events. Make a detailed list of what can be done NOW, to get yourselves more capable of coping with conditions that can make your life miserable. Or, you can deny my call to action and do nothing. Who will get through these times the most easily? Of course, those who act NOW on this awareness.

Collect things to make your lives more adaptable to the coming conditions. Accept that money may not be of any help then, and get what you can NOW. Have a master list of contributions you can make to charities that can deliver overstock that needs distribution. Form communities that can give assistance to others. Take care of the older community, because they will need the aid of those who are aware, calm, unafraid, and able to lead.

Many of you are meant to lead. Be a courageous leader NOW! Lead the march to an Awakening for all who are candidates for ascension. Continue to be an unafraid leader of the next era of man's existence. Bring together the details of my previous messages, contained in the Master Messages books that I dictated to this channel, and become more aware of the details of what to do NOW to get ready for ascension.

My channel is continuing to lead my words for your benefit. Give these messages your consideration, and BE an aware being during the days to come.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The Master Messages books are available here.

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  1. Those who see a world of beauty, peace and abundance coming into focus before them are not rejecting the vision of a deteriorating world out of fear. We do so out of knowing. Why would an awakened being choose to entertain the possibility of any occurrence that is less than what he knows himself capable of creating?

    The awakened know that any experience that presents within their reality, can be molded through thoughts and beliefs....fear then is never an issue...unless of course we temporarily forget and fall back asleep. :)

    There is no gain in 'purposefully' subjecting oneself to pain or suffering.

    Many of us do not recognize the level of inherent power we each have to create the world as we know it. The truth is, there is not just one world or universe. There are as many as there are individuated points of consciousness. Each of us creates our own reality, and yet paradoxically, we are also capable of melding others into our reality through resonance.

    Being awake within the dream means knowing your own personal power as well as the power to co-create with the others who appear within your reality/experience.

    We are both the all and the one. However, our access to the all is THROUGH the one point of consciousness that we have chosen to don for this physical experience...this focal point is our portal to creation.