Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Manifest A New Beginning

Making contact with those new to my teachings is not my goal. My teachings are for the ten million who are able to ascend. Many of them are not open to my channeled messages, and my ability to contact them is negligible. Fear about change can cancel their commitment to ascension. Maybe this message can be copied and mailed to anyone who may be able to accept it. Please give to others what their guides are not able to tell them.

My message today is for all who are concerned about the predicted changes and their ability to manage life into the next phase of man's continued development. Please give these words your consideration:

Fear will cause your concerns to manifest. All the predictions made, including mine, can be altered NOW. Choose a different attitude about the future, and create the future anew!

Man's concerns call to him all that he dislikes. Man's gifts to himself are the goals he makes to create a world as he would like it to be. Many destructive catastrophes are now in the making, but this construct and new beginnings can be rearranged NOW, with the assistance of calm minds and happy thoughts. Freedom from actualizing all of the predicted catastrophes can come quickly, when enough of you are able to turn away from fear, and confront these concerns with different thoughts. For example, instead of disaster, think about people giving happiness to their neighbors, or new dreams of change, where all are caring for an area that flourishes with gardens, man's cheerfulness and new attitudes about life. Put together an aerial map in the consciousness of mankind. See the forests, oceans, meadows, deserts, mountains, all clean and growing as man's delight.

Chase away thoughts about buying armor and machinery to destroy others. No conditions of war will be made by these concern, but they can attract drama to your area.

Practice giving. Give without thinking about making money. Continue to deliver many gifts during the days you are down, and the contraction in you will get deleted. Giving is the way to happiness.

The future is still being created. Nothing matters as much as your contribution to this creation. Plan the dream of a good future NOW, and design an outcome for the new continuum. Purpose and density are keys to creation. More mandates for the same conditions, and many desiring them, make a bigger impact than one or two asking for a new materialization.

Put your concerns on hold. Plan new dreams and give abundantly. Change the direction of the current major catastrophes with these new contributions to the master plan. Give me this one thing, ask the divine creator to bring the new, different, caring manifestation into creation NOW. Welcome the delights in all of your moments.

Contact many who will give us their dreams also. Change is in the making, make it the change you want it to be. Holy thoughts are all of the contributions made with this determination.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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