Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Masters and Angels Co-Create With Man

Masters and Angels can deliver an array of co-creations. Most of them are achieved through the delegation of contacts that can move you towards the creation of a new project. Money does not come to you as a direct result of any delegated management by us. Money comes to the contacts of the desired creation through their own control. Many are confusing our capabilities because of inaccurate channeling. Today is an opportunity to give you the truth about our methods of aiding our contacts in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension includes alternative options that are not consistently recognized in the third dimension.

Money is not an area we are controlling. Our work delegates all monetary conditions to the one choosing to co-create with us. When you make a decree, mandate or commitment to change, we contact those who can assist, and give them nudges to act on their guidance. Their not acting may delay our ability to deliver, so other contacts are then made who can help move the new connections together. How do you assist in the process? Mentioning a contact by name can be done. Acting on a nudge can be done, channeling messages that answer questions about how we are making the co-creation occur, and delegating authority to a guide to assist groups.

All is done as diligently as our guidance can get acted upon, considering our lack of evidence about anything we communicate. Our answers to your dilemmas come only to minds that are open to hear our messages. Our contributions to your dreams or when you are using mind altering drugs are usually not useful. Only conscious co-creations manifest.

Minds that are closed to our assistance move the answers further away from actualization. Open minds and willing bodies can quickly activate a desire that will shift a condition out of another man's control into your control. Men do not act as quickly as we would appreciate, because we can only deliver as fast as they act.

Making decisions to act, or not, comes totally from the chela's own decision making process. Choosing not to act on our nudges controls a situation more than we can alter. Our only option can be to nudge another. So our method may be a very conditional move towards your goal. It needs no guessing from our realm to make our methods appear less than optimum. When we guess about an outcome, this gives the one asking some confidence towards achieving their goal. Making it happen is best achieved when man is confident about actualizing his desire. Next comes his ability to manage the contacts we deliver. This also contributes to the one who is coming from our nudges, so each brings an ability to co-create or deter the creation.

Passing on a message to the one desiring a creation can be challenging, as many do not act on our nudges. Once we do a manifestation, future action is more deliverable than it is with new contacts that don't manage their time well, or allow their controlling mind to convince them not to act.

Ponder this: If all were able to accept our guidance, and quickly act on our nudges, many new co-creations could occur.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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