Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Answers To Yesterday's Questions

The first inhabitants on Earth I was referring to were not the Holy Kumaras, they were from another galaxy. The ETs called themselves the Sons of Gods, but the daughters of God were also ETs. Most ETs come into bodies at birth. Others are walk-ins. Walk-ins always exchange bodies by agreement.

Not all new technologies are good for the health of 3D bodies. Not all ETs are of man's conditioning to evaluate the effects. Many of the new technologies will aid in Earth's recovery,. but not completely dismiss the damage that needs natural regeneration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. As an uncorrectable dreamer that I am, I often loose my imagination at possibilities where do I belong. Maybe I am not totally a human. Maybe there is a family out there waiting impatiently for me to escape the karmic wheel, or if not this, fulfilling my destiny/mission on Earth. This image is always sweet.

    Only God knows where I have originated. No matter the origin, calling Earth my home is honest and sincere. I feel the very strong bond that I have with her. Not because of the amount of time I probably spent here, but especially for the quality of that time, the impact that this planet has had for my own spiritual growth through unforgetable experiences. She is the constant witness of my soul journey. She has seen me to be born, to play roles, she has seen me die, many times violently, accepting her body to hold my bodies to rest in peace, she has healed my scars, she has cried with me, she has nurtured me... No matter what my deeds as a mortar were, she welcomed me back. My feelings are deep, rooted in gratitude. I wish for her only the best and an easy transformation. If she calls for me, I will be there as she always was for me. This is why I forget to ease my mind when somebody treats her with no respect. I was reading another message today and my mind was saying "How dare you, moron..." (I know, I will start over as a rock next time...)

    Home is where are your memories. And Humans memories go back to Mother Earth, no matter which star or galaxy they came from some millions of years ago. The best interests of All includes the best interests of Earth and each of us should have it in his heart along with his own.