Monday, October 4, 2010

Meditate Like a Master

Chelas, can my call awaken the child within, that needs more hope? Many of the comments I have made are causing disturbance, because there has been no alternative, cause and effect scenario presented, that appears to replace the attitude for: "Next, all of my dreams will come true." What actually comes next is not what most New Agers are willing to consider as their destiny. Now, my beloveds, my call is for you to ascend as a Master, that moves out of darkness into another consciousness, as an anchor of light on this dimensions' activities. Anchoring, as a career, can give you that deep contact with your human ability to lead the New Age of awareness that comes into being with an ascension. Anchoring light begins with opening of the heart, and the caring that comes forth with that opening. One of the best leadership activities you can do, is to learn about our arena of activities, to free you from distrust, so that confidence can develop. My call to man will continue as guidance for the New Earth's actual development. Control of man's dreaming has distorted the facts. Now, more facts are to be delivered. Calm minds must be available to assimilate these details.

Calm and clear minds begin with meditation. Most New Agers do not understand meditation. Not only is it a moment to get answers to daily questions, or make mental decisions, or access an answer to your desires, it is much more than that. To go beyond the first level of meditation benefits, no mental energy contained in meditation can be accepted. All thoughts must be deleted. Meditation can calm the mind, and a calm mind is the actual goal, not doing creative visualization or getting messages. When the mind quiets, consciousness increases.

Doing business during meditation is not calming. What does the mind do after meditation? Appears again, the moment meditation ends. False, negative thoughts immediately give that meditation little value. The most effective way to meditate is to completely detach the consciousness of the Higher Self from the mental body. Continued use of the mind in meditation completely defeats this.

Positive attitudes can go away in an instant for those that are mental, always allowing mind to defeat their conscious, divine awareness. But those who delete the mind with meditation, have more awareness throughout their days, because mind gets a little holiday in meditation. Absence of mental activity in meditation allows your Higher Self to be aware, more of the time. Clearing the mind during one or two conscious moments, becomes much easier when meditation is done often.

Coming into 5th dimension consciousness has more to do with meditation than material being fed to the mind. Breathing into the belly, and not releasing it instantly, helps to activate more continuous development of the heart and mind connection. Flow of consciousness can be co-created with new breath configurations. Today's teaching is just the beginning of leading you into 5th dimension consciousness.

Meditate, quiet the mind. Begin this act of leadership with no delay. Lead yourself out of the delusion the mind has created, into the divine awareness the Higher Self is now mandating for you. Be still and know, that who you are is divine.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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