Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mistakes And Consciousness

Putting heart messages before any of mind's considerations deletes mistakes. Mistakes are made when the mind chooses something that is not meant to occur. Mistakes are the cause of more contract fulfilling decisions needing to be made for the soul to ascend. This means that many difficult situations can occur simultaneously, to be certain that all the contracted goals are accomplished.

Mistakes are not destiny cards that permanently alter your destiny. They are just not the choice that is needed for completing your contract. A mistake is made when something very contradictory to a man's contract is chosen over another choice that would fulfill his contract's goals. Mistakes are made whenever the mind overrules a man's heart. Man must learn to choose heart messages over their mind's choice. Suffering comes as a result of mistakes. But, no matter how many choices are made that lead away from the goal of the contract, another opportunity to fulfill that goal will appear.

Twelve years old is the beginning of this consciousness building approach to health and personal development. Age twelve is my approximation, it can be a bit earlier, when making a break appears to be an opportunity to leave a bad condition and create another. Children may decide on another direction for their life's career over their mind's call to choose their parents' desire. Or, they may choose a new course of study, over one their mind dictates. Peer groups often call children towards new decisions. Some may be a move towards a gang or a mentor that dictates a most onerous choice. Accepting their opinion, over messages from the heart, can create much chaos in a child, if the decision made is not the most desirable contract choice.

Picking gang activities over caring actions can mean another life, as conditions appear that come from denying the heart, and there is no contract completion. Choosing drugs for happiness does the same thing. Choosing heart led callings will continue to deliver new growth in consciousness opportunities.

Some choices can be reversed. Once made, the disturbance caused by that choice convinces the mind to choose another direction. Then, more opportunities must appear that lead to the next contract learning opportunity. Facts about a choice do not matter. Choosing heart guidance, over many actual facts that lead away from that choice, is a most critical lesson. Facts mean nothing when choosing the heart's way that has been given as an option.

Only giving the heart the needed "yes", can demonstrate how this works. Life becomes more enjoyable. Rejecting the mind's opinion does not destroy its attempts to discourage this approach. Mind often leads away from the heart's calling. Not always, but enough for you to be aware of this tactic. Opening the heart to the divine consciousness of Mastery develops as this choice making continues. Masters always follow their heart.

Control of one's children must now end. Telling them to ask their heart to decide must become their method of growth. No child can develop confidence as an adult, if they are always told what choice to make. Parents do not have the answers the child needs to follow their contract. Parents must make decisions about their own destiny and contract completion. Children do not need their choices made for them. They need encouragement to make their own decisions. Age twelve is a most important time in a child's life. It is the first opportunity for children to accept responsibility for the choices that they make. Happiness for an entire life can be canceled as a consequence of non-contract directions getting chosen by one's adult controllers.

Patience is our only option. All we can do is nudge. Our contract contains the advancement in consciousness direction that the child determined was needed. By leading a life based on heart choices, we do not need to nudge, it is only when other choices are made, that we begin to nudge towards the contract's direction.

Health, mastery, and canceling choices that lead away from the direction of man's contract, require more awareness. Be aware of the choices made by your mind that cause mistakes. You'll know its a mistake if the heart begins to feel dense emotions about the contract having been denied. Face the fact that healing is needed. Get that healing, as a way to ascend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Special thank you Master Saint Germain and Aruna for this message as a reminder for parents, teachers, other adult citizens of our world.

    Neglecting the healthy care for the new generation means a high cost for us to pay at this moment. Children should be treated as children with special skills, needs, goals they have to achieve. They are much ahead of us in their intellectual and spiritual potential, but they need us and our unconditional support to manifest this treasury they hold inside their hearts.

    My children are grown ups and I don't have any grand children yet. If I had, I would constantly remind the child that we are different from what we look. Our world as well. In our childhood we had no body to tell us about the truth. We had to suffer in search for answers. Our children don't have to go through same blind ways we went. They are fortunate to have us, aware and awake beings, believing in the truth that is only ONE.

  2. Hi. Thank you very much. Why are our hearts so close to our children? Why is it that the slightest indication of something going on with them will get the full attention of the heart? Should my mind continuously be disturbed by this? How come I sense I know the answers as I write the questions? I'll post it anyway, instead of deleting it. Thank you. Rolando

  3. I am seeing other sources that speak about ascension symptoms. I feel none of them. Perfect health as never before. No fatigue of any kind. Absolute great mood at all times. I eat less, I sleep less the only change. I want to ask Master Saint Germain is this alright?