Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mastery Can Change All

Change contributes to new awareness. All change can do this, regardless of the details. Those who are preaching about creating a new dimension in consciousness, must answer the question, "How?" Change comes naturally, as a consequence of man's dreams and desires. One man's desire adds more to an energy of change than tangible displays of activity towards another goal that is not truly man's desire. For example: Angels come when man desires, because they deem his desire a holy decree. Nothing he does to cause the fulfillment of that desire can make it occur without the assistance of Angels. When man does something in the matrix of materialization that is not a call from within, his Angels do not assist in that project. Heart directed action, has more control afforded it, then head directed action. Making decisions that are not aligned with the heart can create change that is not desirable. Can you only do the things your heart directs? No? Why not? Can the direction of your life get some new energy towards the Mastery of life? If not, another major consequence must develop to make this occur. Contact with dreamers on another dimension, has created negative conditions for those who accepted  their fantasy details. Now we must regain the momentum lost to their disturbance.

Creativity must be kindled with new attitudes about giving and living. No other dream can deliver 5th dimension consciousness. Only being open, and active, doing what can be done, can deliver this new awareness. Sufficient desire for this new awareness, is not reaching this dimension, to get you the lessons that are needed. Only "give me money" is calling our attention. Our realm can assist man to get money, end his material desires, and drama on a bigger scale will occur, when the collapse of this material gift arrives. No, this is not the way to higher dimensional consciousness. You must accept this before we can do more for your money goal!

More difficult times are coming. The mental attitude needed for this is: "I am giving this my best effort", and you can get through the darkness with no great disruption to the dream of growth in consciousness. Adjusting to change provides an opportunity. If you make no attempt to dream, or master the current dream, you have lost that opportunity.

False calls for a new life in another dimension came to the group that could accept them. This group has not developed Mastery on this dimension. If they were all Masters, no call to deny their continuity on Gaia could entice them. A Master has the ability to accept whatever comes, without any mental disturbance. A Master doesn't desire a different matrix of materialization. A Master gets things done, as needed, on his own matrix. Masters are creative. They consider the disturbance an opportunity. They declare their most meaningful decree of all: I AM THAT I AM, and they take the challenge on as a heart directed call. The well known message of Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death!" came from this attitude. Can you see the common conditions of this day's challenge and then? Give this anachronism to any child, and call on his ability to choose his direction. Choosing death would not be a choice a child would consider.

I am considering this call to creativity an answer to the controllers. Are you wiling to claim liberty? Otherwise, death of all your collective dreams can occur. Choose Mastery. Create what the heart desires. Awaken another consciousness on Gaia. Awaken an attitude in yourself as a divine creator, instead of asking us to do it for you.

Mastery begins with heart led choices. Controllers are not coming from their heart. This means that another contribution of man's making can be derailed by the creative design of God and God's Angels. Our work together can create change differently. Can my call draw you out of mental disappointment? Can the divine call of your own heart make you aware of alternative desires to living on another galaxy? Can an opportunity like this one, call forth the warrior in you that gives love the lead?

Twenty million are living with an option to create Mastery! Ascend the consciousness of money madness to create a more conscious manifestation. Control of the future is still up to those who are making their desires known to the Angels. Be grounded, be growing, be great!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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