Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ascension Of The Devas

Chelas, consider this message the most significant one to date:
No ascension can occur without your co-operation. Meditation must be done. Channeling answers of the heart must be done. Consciousness about healing, without drugs, must be accepted. When all of these conditions are being delivered, an ascension can occur, but not until then. Are you making an effort to ascend? Are you giving me your full dedication to this goal?

My dear ones, channeling answers from divine consciousness must be done to complete your awareness. No delay in this can be accepted, because now is the time to count our ascension candidates. Can I count on you? Are you able to hear my nudge? Are you able to act on my call to ascend?

Couch potatoes are not going to be included. Chelas, without any commitment to meditating, are not going to be able to handle the changes in their bodies during the actual ascension process. Care of the body has much to do with ascension. Bodies that are taking medications that dull the senses, cannot be fully energized.

Dreams about the ascension will begin now. Make note of any dreams you have about disappearing. None of them will be an accurate concept of ascension, only an answer to the call. Make notes of what you remember.

Another change that will be happening to an ascension candidate is his/her mental attitude towards beings of nature. Once the message of ascension was introduced in the human consciousness, the members of another realm asked to be included. Members of the Devic kingdom are also going to ascend. This means the disappearance of humans and the angels of the plant kingdom at the same time. Many of the Devas are the healers of nature, so a large number of them leaving, other than those now leaving naturally, can degrade the mental accuity of those who are not ascending, and destroy the healing capability of nature.

A mention of this must be done, to draw attention to the fact that no mass healing of the natural world can occur quickly, without these Devic beings. Present conditions are not convincing them to remain. Four or five million ascension candidates could convince them to remain, because even half the desired amount can make a large enough impact, to alter the consciousness of those remaining, towards the need for healthy habitats.

For two decades of human time, changes have been going on that delete the ability of much of the natural world to regenerate. Man's technology, and the destruction of forests, cancels a new day of basic needs being created by the Angels of the human drama. New pests and dis-eases can come into being very quickly. Why? Because man cannot deliver the love that is needed to others - to other species and to other humans.

Action is being called for today. Help the Devic kingdom decide to stay. Can you do the things that are needed to ascend? Can we get 5,000,000 ready? No? Then the Devic angels will go along with those who can ascend, and the Earth will deteriorate faster than it has been. Any chance of a New Earth developing quickly, can be forgotten if this occurs. Masters on all the continents need the Devic angels to answer their food and health needs. Make an agreement to ascend and they won't leave.

Apathy is my greatest concern. Considering yourself less capable than others, as an ascension candidate, can delete the ascension of enough humans, and then all the Devas will leave.

My dear ones. We need the Devas for healing the gardens of man. Are these gardens going to disintegrate because of apathy? Can you do your part to continue the divine plan that you helped to create? When are you going to wake up? When will you do what you agreed to do? What do the Masters and Angels need to do to lead you home? For billions of years, this planet has been a home to many species. All are to be destroyed if man and the Devas don't continue their advancement of consciousness on this planet. False messengers are telling you to do nothing. Why are you willing to believe them? Are you so mesmerized by their dismissal of necessary actions that you are not able to ascend? What will it take to get you moving?

Please, meditate. Begin to learn channeling. Cancel the dis-ease of mental deception and accept the heart's message instead. Who you are is a divine being. Realize that divinity, by answering the messages that come to your mind from the heart. Choose ascension. No one, or the controllers in tandem, can bring about the changes that only ascension can. Miracles can happen. Not by meditating on the mind's desires, only by having meditation BE your desire.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

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  1. Master St. Germain,

    I dedicate myself to you and the goal of ascension. I have failed, but I will keep trying. I am still trying to overcome the ego.

    One of my greatest desires is to be a guardian of some land and have an organic garden and a place where the Earth Spirits can live. I have been interested in Geomancy, Feng Shui, and Earth Spirits for a long time. I must admit I have used pesticides in the past, but don't want to resort to that anymore.
    Does it help to call upon the Deva of Ants to tell their people to stay out of your house? I had heard that. There is a book called "Earth Spirit Living" written by a woman from the Findhorn Center that is very good.

    I will try harder because to me there is nothing more important then Ascension!

    Thank you.

  2. Coming from a zero level of spiritual education, I have to seek very often for answers that are simple to others. The Internet is the most comfortable source. In today case it didn't help much. I got more questions than answers. The search for "Devic Beings" gave me the answer for Device... The search for "Devas" was more confusing, calling them somewhere demonic and somewhere else supreme.
    I would like to get some clarification from Master Saint Germain:
    - What are Devas, their duties?
    - Why a Devas Angel would not want to stay, meaning: to contribute, to something that serves not only humans as beings on their own, but a large chain of other groups related to humans ascension?
    - What is that that disappoint these Devas Angels?
    - What would make them to change their mind; what change of actual conditions?
    Thank you.

  3. I would like to ask why the Middle East is a place attracting so much of violence? It seems to be uncommon in other parts of the globe, at least not on such a large scale..

  4. Izabela, you are a genius! You have so many skills. I heard for the first time about Devas. I will try to find the book you recommend, hopefully is in English.
    Keep it up girl,
    Love you

  5. Thank you so much for so important Divine message to us, Beloved Christ Consciousness.....All of this awareness....simply amazing and very important....for which we are grateful to our Lord God, our Creator, our Maintainer, The All-Wise, AllPowerful, All-Present our Father God who teaches us all his wisdom through you by putting His words in you our Master St.Germain.

    Izabela: Thank u for an important question of our time. At time of Lord Krishna ...Mahabharta was the battle field...of the final conflict between representatives of good and its the middle east....I guess...But Beloved St.Germain answer will be Accurate.