Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mystery Schools Unveiled

Contradictions to the truth are so many, that my ability to dispel all of them is not going to be possible. Some are as direct to the drama as the names given by parents. No name a parent chooses is aligned to the truth. This is because the truth has no name that fits the True Nature of "beingness" than the body can contain. All the bodies combined do not contain the full essence of one man.

Consciousness exists beyond an individual container. It does not end at the aura, as claimed by the deceivers. It extends to the multi-dimensional core of the entire consciousness of One. People are very surprised when answers to their questions come to their mental awareness. No guru can explain this. It appears as an inspiration from the One. All are guided, as this continuous flow of awareness contributes all answers to all of the members of the One. Can you get an answer by asking a question? Yes, and as the answer comes to all at the same time, change of a massive kind can occur in an instant. But not all are able to answer an instruction from their "Higher Self" with the decision they are being guided to make. Asking for help is not the same as accepting help, if it doesn't agree with the mind's old programming. Following the messages of the One can create a completely different consciousness on Mother Earth. How many are doing this? Only a minor number.

Positive thinking is not a contribution to mass consciousness, unless agreement with the heart's guidance is included. I Am That I Am gives the true direction to the mind. I Am That I Am has the Master Plan to all things possible. Changing the Master Plan, as mind directs, changes the direction of mass consciousness, from what the director would like it to be, to the non-aligned chaos of man's creation. Can we have a new mass consciousness instantly? Yes, if man cancels the chaos, and acts the way his own heart tells him to.

Change of this magnitude does not need any outside invaders of another dimension. It needs only a different way of delivering this message to mass consciousness: "divine will be done". You are divine, but your mental contribution to mass consciousness is configured as a mandate to develop more awareness, as a continuous flow of dross appears as challenges to that awareness. Choosing the answer of the heart dissolves dross. All men are created equal, but their dross comes as their own creative attitudes design this game of development.

How does man develop? By giving the actions and choices of his heart to humanity, not his negative mental concepts. The choice of the confident man is always the heart, as an awareness of this level gives confidence.

Today's message is to dispel the myth: that control, by demand of the mental body, has the ability to deliver the ascension. It does not! Man must give up mental control to ascend. Mastery is: letting go of mental decrees and canceling negative attitudes against current circumstances. Mastery delivers all of man's gains without any control over them. Help is always available, to deliver any of the dense attitudes to manifestation, as well as the Higher Self contributions. This is a way of delivering a matrix of materialization for man's observation. Observing chaos can catalyze a goal to know the opposite.

All persona's are only a call to the "dance of leela", a game of awareness that man gives to a life. He designs his own game. As that man gets more aware, choices are made that can end the game. Ascension is graduation.

Ponder this: Causing an ascension, for the new dreams of the masses to be fulfilled, can occur. Making a decision to go along with the mind's goals, cancels this opportunity. Can you choose the most divine choice, the one that all of the Universes are cheering for? Mass consciousness is your creation. Never before have there been as many who can ascend. Can this great contribution to all of God's creation be the choice you make as a divine creator?

Happiness comes in many ways. Choosing the heart's guidance is the best way. Masters are all deliverers of divine grace as a result of this way of being. False claims to the contrary are the controllers game, to destroy God's creation. Controllers are all divine also, contributing their control to the big game. Their control is the Divine's way of telling you to be aware, and choose to cancel the control of your mental controller, that is being reflected back to you in mass consciousness now.

Please give this message a lot of your attention. It has the most clear description of the game that most of you have ever been given.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Beloved Master St.Germain. We Love you, We Honour you, we Salute you. You are Representative of God...Ambassador of God. We all wish to be under your umbrella of love.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib