Friday, October 15, 2010

Ascension Characteristics

After the dream disappears, and the reality has been conceived of by the mind, new attitudes about the human condition arise. These are the new attitudes you can anticipate:

1. Every man, woman and child completes your day. All are the delights you once considered to be different, but  are now aware they are part of you.
2. Prayers are no longer considered to be conscious actions.
3. Feelings are accepted, without any attempt to deny them or clear them.
4. Positive thinking comes naturally.
5. Healing begins with the absence of mental disturbance.
6. Challenges are not a concern.
7. Caring comes to all, without any hesitation.
8. Answers to questions are always available.
9. Claims of being important do not feel correct.
10. Anger does not control, it comes for the drama of living, as needed. No anger is the choice of the body that contains its energy, but the role being played demands this tool for communication.
11. Heartfelt compassion for all.
12. Misery has ended.
13. Chapter 2 in a new dawn has begun.
14. Anxiety disappears.
15. Confidence, and acceptance of all things human, are the only qualities that are constant.

Twenty-million can be like this. Where are they? If twenty-million will bring themselves to this way of being, wars will disappear, children will all be cared for, adults will all be glad to be alive. Three million will be the first group to be like this. They can choose to disappear at the time they ascend in consciousness, or they can continue to live during the major earth changes, to assist others. Many controllers will die in the changes, so the need for ascended ones continuing, will be less critical to the future of Mother Earth, than it is now.

Follow the call to ascension that now comes to all who asked to be candidates. Practice meditation, to be neutral enough to accept the call. Choose all the goals that lead to ascension over the desire for money. Meditate daily for at least ten minutes. Once the body relaxes into being relatively calm, begin to extend the time. One hour is best, to delight the body's nervous system, with consciousness awakening details.

Shivers during meditation denote access to new levels of density release. Shivering and shaking are common for those who are dropping the causes of disturbance from their consciousness, preparing the body to ascend. Having trouble meditating? Take a moment to be quiet, and let the breath clear the body, by moving the mind's attention through each area of tension, and breathe into that place until the contraction releases.

Change the mandate for money to a mandate to be the very best that you can be. For the mind to become quiet, ask for nothing. Give up desires. Act on the impulses the belly confirms to be your best direction. Alterations in your attitudes make the difference between controller disturbed men and women or ascended beings. One chooses peace, the other drama. Ascension is the way to conscious awareness. Calling for ascension is a call for conscious living for all of mankind.

All of my chelas, who do the few things asked, are going to contact my realm now by learning how to meditate, channel their Higher Self, and allow the next steps to lead them HOME. For twenty-million, there is this opening to ascend. Having the invitation is not adequate. Acting like you accept, is also  necessary. Free yourself from the bondage of controllers, including the controller that does its work through you. Cancel the mind's direction to misery, and choose the heart's guidance for happiness. Pursue the heart's goals. Change the way you live to be an example of heart led, awakened awareness. One or two others may also become quiet as a result of your presence.

Children need active mental guidance to be their best selves. Having no guidance deletes their inner answers of doing the best for all concerned. They become less aware. Point them away from greed and demands for control. Help them find the heart of their own being, to assure that their mind's control becomes less active. Children are developed by their experiences. Allow them to have many. Keeping them home, instead of being out in the world, does not encourage them to explore the entire spectrum of possibility that they came to experience.

Fasten your collective seatbelt, because your control of the next days is about to dissolve. Continue to meditate during the changes, and you will be grateful for all that this brings.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Master St.Germain thank you so much for making us aware of Ascension Characteristics clearly in simple wise words which nobody has outlined before to my knowledge:

    "Every man, woman and child completes your day. All are the delights you once considered to be different, BUT ARE NOW AWARE THEY ARE PART OF YOU."

    "Heartfelt compassion for ALL."


  2. Thank you Master Saint Germain,
    Checking myself with characteristics, I lack at number 7 & 8. Well, I am not done... A long way to go. "Thank you very much" doesn't express at all what your guidance means to me.

  3. No, the lack is more: number 1 & 15 as well...