Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catching Deceivers In The Act

Continuing my campaign to lead you away from deception: Can I give you some criteria to look for in non-Christ consciousness communication? No? Then this content is not for an arrogant mind to continue reading. Give me an opportunity to deliver the Truth about deceivers, and look for them in all channeled material.
  • Begin with the first clue: Deceivers want to be given credibility. Calling attention to their greatness, dismisses an alert contact right away. No great avatar claims to be an avatar. All those that are great Masters, do not even claim their Mastery. Saying "I am an enlightened one" claims a false credential, as no enlightened one can claim this.
  • Next: Giving a teaching about themselves to impress the contact. No Christ consciousness entity does anything that focuses on themselves, this is a mere ploy to convince you of their greatness. Special achievements of the human variety mean nothing to Christ conscious beings.
  • Altering an answer to a question that manipulates an attitude towards their claim of accuracy. My copycats do this a lot. My life as the Comte de Saint Germain has been distorted by many calling to an audience in my name. None of the audience members know of these lies, and are convinced that the deceiver is my consciousness. My name is one example. No first name goes with my title. Any claim to a name other than mine, that includes any first name, is an impostor. No additions or corrections have been coined by me, other than adding  a letter "p" to Comte in this blog as a signature.
  • Next, appearing to give information to an audience when no information is delivered. This is a  common occurrence, a flamboyant charade. Masters give notable content, not calculated mesmerizations.
  • Next, answering questions with a question. Never! This can be done when teaching classes to a group, but never as a messenger of divine consciousness. No matter what the question is, an answer is deserved.
  • Chanting mantras that are of a conversational make-up doesn't come from Christ consciousness, only loving sounds, like those I gave on another message. Healing mantras have more to give  than meanings.
  • Now, lets discuss content: Masqueraders' content is conjured up to create fantasy. Non-competitive attitudes accept things that mind cannot validate from human experience, without question. No control over channeled material, like an organization of peers to look for dis-information, exists. Consequently, anything goes. Many fabrications given man have had no contradictions, and as a result, dreams about non-accurate details are born. Content needs to fit with non-channeled conditions in man's awareness. For example: money. All I've said about money can be collaborated by economists that are telling the same thing. My messages about financial collapse are able to be checked out in human developments. My messages about health can also be checked. Messages about being awakened by ETs cannot. Awakened awareness comes out of man's own development. It does not come in external modes. No direct method of contact, including contact from my realm, can offer an awakening.
Contact due-diligence allows for a mental decision that aligns with a heart's desire for Truth. Making a wish does not make a different life experience. Mental attention to changing others, or on "creating more light" with your attention, and mental attitudes towards a new concept in divine design, cannot do anything. Neither can demanding that your will be done. Changing divine design comes from mass consciousness change, not the mental decision of a group or an individual. Powerful controllers are not changing their ways because you mentally appeal for this.

Meddling in the mental attitudes of mankind has done great damage. Facing these manipulators with a criteria for discernment must be done, to destroy their contribution to man's denial of the answers in his own awareness. Keep the dream of a New Earth, but don't expect the ETs to deliver it. Keep the dream of a new day of happiness, but don't give any date to an accelerated entitlement. No ascension can occur, other than the one that mass consciousness can create with new dreamers added to those who are already at the core of this matrix. Change your own attitudes and you can help deliver an ascension, it is not the other way around.

Masters and Angels that are Christ consciousness are giving accurate guidance. Make a decision to find them. Consider most channeling today to be less than the divine contact they claim to be. I AM THAT I AM can be claimed by all, as all are One. Note that all the deceivers say this to demonstrate their claim of Mastery. Take another look at their messages now.

Fate has been the cause of this new voice in the channeling world. A Master that channels other Masters is very unusual. Because of this, my voice can be heard. Bless my channel, bless all my chelas who accept my words, and also bless those who cannot accept them now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. On Monday I had a bad headache. At the end of the day it was unbearable anymore. While in the bus in my way home after work, I thought to try what Master Saint Germain taught us 1 day before in case of not feeling in good health. I focused for a few minutes at the ball of light, two-three breaths, and started "OM, ME, HE, DO....". I kept going with these four sounds in silence (crowded bus).

    I didn't trust much for any positive effect, since the place was not propriete, I was not using the full name of God, etc., but I kept going: "OM, ME, HE, DO... it hurts to bad... OM, ME... what can you do Lord, with me, I've taken so much on my shoulders...HE, DO"

    In 15 minutes the pain was gone!

    Thank you Master and thank you God.

    Regarding the today message, I fully understand it. Thank you.

  2. (Personal)
    My beloved teacher Saint Germain,
    Your expectations for each of us are high. I see how much from your energy and love from your soul you put in these expectations.
    How much I want to be the chela you want to see to each of us! But I fail all the time, I disappoint you, I let you down very often... Please forgive me for all this!
    I promise I will never give up learning and improving myself, even when I feel embarrased by myself.
    Thank you Master.