Sunday, October 24, 2010

Making An Impact

Continuing on with the theme of clouds, may I call attention to the way they are constantly changing? Clouds are like humans in this way. One moment a cloud can be absolutely magnificent, and the next moment it is crying. Since man is this changeable, by his very nature, why does he hold "new and different" as inconceivable? Because he cannot conceive of a total outcome in advance. "No control" means: no containment of change. Not controlling anything is freedom.

Man attempts to control because of fear. An open heart has no control objectives, because there is no fear. Once fear is faced openly, the control of "new and different" can be canceled, and deleted by the mind. Control continues to give man courage, as he can count on a new direction achieving a former conclusion. No control allows for new conclusions.

My dream of the New Earth does not include control. Clouds are able to give out any new direction to the hearts that observe them. Man can be like clouds, in this respect, and continue the flow of man's co-creation as naturally as clouds. Man can get to be like this by Awakening. Canceling mental control cancels all obstacles to freedom. Awakening continues man's life like a cloud's, moving and changing with natural causes, in "new and different" human moments.

Are the clouds contributing their drama to the mass consciousness? Not as minds do. A mental attitude is fixed. It does not move and flow. Nature has an "attitude free" movement. Man can also live this way. Consider this metaphor in your goal for happiness. Cloud-like mental attitudes could create the dream of a "new and different" Earth in a natural, but beautiful, way. No clouds of control would be found anywhere. Man manages and directs, and clouds are very capable of doing this, casting shadows on all the answers to cause and effect directions. But they change, and cause no contractions by doing this, as it is their natural way of being. Pretty one day, and dark and ominous the next, is natural for clouds. Being angry one day and happy the next is natural for man.

Nothing draws more control from man's mind than anger. "No anger can be a good thing," is only man's idea of "good". Anger can create things that are not desired, because nothing causes more effects than anger not dealt with. Acting as though there is no anger calling for expression, when many nudges are being given to express this anger, acts like a magnet to all those creations being rejected. Reject anything that creative, and it comes to you as multiple conflicts and major dramas. No negative creations do this as easily as angry, non-aware, attacks on others.

Attack and defend are not being confronted enough. Attack means you are dumping your own control attitudes on others. Defending is claiming that no control issues exist. Both are negating the divine consciousness of love. "I am not negative" defends an active mind that does not acknowledge its negative aspect. Contraction is negative. "I'm not" means a contraction is controlling the answer. Mad means there is a contraction. Angry means there is a contraction. Challenged conditioning can be defended against and maintain its control. Candidates for ascension, consider defending any attitude, a contracted condition!

When there is no contraction, about anything, nothing is being controlled. Consider this as your answer to control: no answer. Welcome all control attitudes with a smile, without contraction, with no defense, and no comment. Give no response to control, and and you will anchor light in that moment.

Collective control continues to run mankind. What if the control that contributes to this collective was to disintegrate. Control is a dis-ease. It causes no good attitudes in anyone. Contraction is an effect of control, which makes control the densest attitude on Mother Earth. Beam more light on control, and density can be annihilated. One day without contraction, can activate "new and different" opportunities as an answer to the controllers. Be quite amicable to all control deliverers. Give them the welcome they deserve. Grace them with cheer. Allow them to deliver their control messages. Be open and delighted with their message. Say "thank you", and no contraction will delete your light. Allow them to be as negative as they can, and don't accept any of this into your body or mind. Free the dross of this encounter with caring about the man who cancels his own ascension by delivering this to you. Be quite accepting of man's causal condition. One side ascends, the other does not.

Are you going to be the gift that delivers light to mankind? Are you able to be loving to the controllers? Clear your anger by celebrating a new and different attitude towards darkness. Pause today, and get acquainted with the contractions in you that can be cleared by nothing being done.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Folks,
    Are you there?

    I invite you to check David Wilcock's article about the Disclosure at:

    Time to be ready. Time to get back again at messages of Saint Germain and spread them to more people to read and get what's going on.

    Let's have the motto: No one life lost. No one left behind and deprived to ascend.

    Let us be the Light workers we wanted to be! This is the time!

    Love you all.

  2. Saint Germain at "Catching Deceivers In The Act" gives these signs to recognize a deceiver:

    1. Deceivers want to be given credibility.
    2. Giving a teaching about themselves to impress the contact.
    3. Appearing to give information to an audience when no information is delivered.
    4. Answering questions with a question.
    5. Chanting mantras that are of a conversational make-up and doesn't come from Christ consciousness.
    6. Masqueraders' content is conjured up to create fantasy.

    I would like to add one more:

    • Deceivers don't give credibility to efforts that humans themselves are doing. They never mention any contribution that humans half awake and half not yet awake have joined efforts of their Heroes that have been killed or tortured telling the truth, Heroes who still are working in very difficult conditions to be the shining torch for all of us.

    At one of channeled messages delivered today I got this sentence:

    "Thought and action exists forever, and can be recalled to substantiate the truth of any challenge against our claims..."

    It seems to me to be very disturbing.

  3. Dear Aruna and Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I would like to know what is Ascended Master St. Germain views and comments on the current situation as mentioned in David Wilcock's latest article about the collapse of the Illuminati, acknowledgment of the existence and possibility of coexistence of Human-like ETs as well as the development of advance technologies which were previously suppressed by the Illuminati (e.g. free energy, anti gravity, star gate/portal, etc.).

    I would like to know the following:

    1) How would such latest development impact Humanity's path to Ascension and spiritual developments as a whole? Does this mean that we are no longer in the control of the elite few? Are these human ETs benevolent or have hidden agendas?

    2) Would such developments in advance technologies and ET coexistence spurs humanity into changing our belief systems, thoughts into more loving and caring ones?

    3) How would Earth be affected by these technologies? Would these be positive developments in helping Earth regenerated back to its pristine state?

    Do hope to hear more in the next channeled article.

    Thanks & Best Regards,