Friday, October 22, 2010

Awaken And Ascend

Chelas of all the Ascended Masters are being told the same things. No differences in accuracy is their contribution. All of their channels are equal as channels, only their content is different. What they are channeling has the same elements, no confusion is being created. All the confusion comes when other energies use our names. Please consider any of the following to be a clue about deception:
1. Mentioning things about man being controlled by galactic intervention.
2. Mentioning a Master who will appear with a grand reception and then control the masses as a negative character.
3. Mentioning guns as a method of taking the next step of getting ready for change.
4. Mentioning the need to go underground.
5. Mentioning going into a coma and waking up in a new condition.
6. Mentioning an entry into another dimension with the Earth.
7. Mentioning doctors as the answer to anything, and the most important of all,
8. Mentioning humans containing all the awareness of cosmic consciousness without Awakening.

An Awakening is not an activity that adds to man's awareness of details. It does not deliver gifts such as  mental abilities or physical abilities. An Awakening deletes man's characteristics that are not in alignment with his True Nature.  After Awakening, what True Nature does with the body is determined moment by moment. Call it Awakening, call it Cosmic Consciousness, call it Enlightenment, all do the same thing: They eliminate illusion.

No man can be a completely dark or a completely light being. All men have a Master within, it is their True Nature. No criminal can get rid of the light inside that teaches him he has made mistakes. No divine condition can exist without the awareness that dark attitudes can arise in the body due to an act of divine grace. Acting angry, or mean, or affecting a drama, as needed for others, can occur spontaneously. A Master contributes anything that is needed to the "dance of leela", not only one behavior or one emotion. Peace and love are internal, all the time, but other attitudes may appear to be the contrary to an observer. Observers are given the demonstration they need, not the condition of the Awakened being. This is the reason that only an Awakened man can tell if another is Awake.

Maintaining that an unawakened observer can tell the Awakened from the unawakened is a lie. No negativity that appears to the Awakened observer means they deny their own. Negativity that appears to the Awakened observer means there is negativity calling for their attention. An Awakened one mirrors yin and yang, whichever the unawakened observer needs to see, so the concept of mirroring does not apply to one who is Awake. A Christ conscious being can appear in any movie, in any character, and in any dream sequence differently. It depends on what the conditions in the dream are that need their  attention.

Put an Awakened one in any condition, and they can act the part. Are they any less awake in one role than another? No! Awake is awake. Conclusions drawn about an Awakened one are never accurate - they are always the mental projections of the one forming those conclusion.

Most channels are not Awake. It is a rare Awakened being that accepts channeling as their contribution to awareness. Most channels need to Awaken! Only then can they be guaranteed that they are not delivering any deception. Otherwise, ego can manipulate their channeled teachings, or yet another deceiver can overshadow them. My goal today, is to ask for more understanding about the Awakened condition, and concern about the deception in most channeling. Free yourself from all deception NOW by Awakening. Claim the consciousness that ALL of you have, just waiting to be allowed to contribute to the New Earth's consciousness.

Criminals have a True Nature too, so the death penalty has no criminal to destroy, only the disturbed mind of a being that has no awareness of their Master within. Cancel death penalties, and guide them to this Master. Change their awareness. Answers about these things do not come from deceivers, as they want to disturb man's creative contribution, not contribute to drawing it forward.

My dears, I want all of you to be Awake. Cancel all the ideas that appear in your head when you read this. All of you are able to Awaken. Most of you are already on the doorstep of this happening. All you need is to open the door. Can this channeling be the key to that door?

Can you turn the message of today's blog into a quest to Awaken? Can the Awakening messages on my channel's website be the next thing you begin to read? Many articles on Awakening are there, at no cost. Please accept this gift.

From now on, my channel will only post a message from me every other day. We will continue the daily messages on the other blog. Channeling can be a most consuming daily exercise, and I need her attention for another project now. We will not cancel this blog, only cut the amount of messages. Should you be disappointed, go to the Awakening Coach website,, and read something there on the in-between days. Or go back, and re-read one of the earlier messages on this blog. There are now 147 messages to contribute to mass consciousness. Absorb their content. Cancel your active seeking by Awakening. Aruna is able to assist you with that.

Ascension needs Awakened awareness. To ascend you MUST Awaken. What are you waiting for? Crying over the death of the ascension opportunity can be the next days' clearing activity, if you aren't ready to be on the ascension committee. Best to do what is needed, before getting left behind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I would like to be around that long and see when it will happen:

    - When the system based on money will be torn down and above his ruins the system that considers the highest good for All, will be built.

    - When the Justice system based in No-Justice and on foundations of the most corrupted money, will be torn down.

    - When the system of education will be replaced with the new system where every child, man and woman will go back at school to learn to be a citizen of the Galaxy.