Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mastery and Control

Many Masters are channeling today. Masters are all giving the message to contact the inner Master. Only these channelings are an aid to humans. No other advice is needed. Giving your Master within the call to awaken, changes all disturbances into calm. All controllers cannot be deleted from outside the body, but they can be deleted on the inside. Contact with the body's Master within cancels any controller's ability to affect decision making.

Contracts of a complete lifetime are now needing to be attended to. Giving the lead of the Master within, to details concerning the challenges being faced, can complete these contracts easily. Healing all disturbances must be done. Giving them attention, causes the details that need attention, to be revealed. False guidance from any other means can only delay your ascension. Practice turning to the Master within in every conscious moment that an answer is desired.

Eating is one time to give awareness to any distress being felt, when the food isn't giving a most delightful feeling in the body. All the healing needed for one digestive mistake can be canceled. Contact the Master within once a day for night time activities. Going to bed at a certain, controlled time, may need to be altered because of new details needing attention. Channeling, for example, may need to be done after all neighbors are asleep. Consider the new options the inner Master details, because this can make your life better.

Mesmerization by controllers cannot continue. All must become more aware. Controllers have contained their agenda to food, air and other dietary additives, because they have gotten away with this. Not accepting this can be a major overturn of their control.

Consider the fact that more medicine has been given out for conditions that don't need medicine, than ever before. Many are addicted to drugs they don't need. Heroin and cocaine are not as lethal as many of the drugs given to all that are given antibiotics for one little cut or cold. Medicine destroys a body's ability to self-correct. No further acceptance of a doctor's prescription need be done. Ask instead, for alternative options to handle a condition. Try alternative medical advisers and angels who heal with new treatments that do not call for drugs. Care for the body with love.

Failure to accept drugs cannot deter the controllers from any other means of deleting your mental abilities, so check for chemicals in everything. Clothes, accessories, household goods, etc., all contain chemicals. Wash things before use if you can. Change the dishwashing liquid to less toxic materials, buy biodegradable cleaning supplies. Green consciousness must be given attention. False advertisements deny the toxicity of chemicals. Be aware. Check within for guidance on things being considered for purchase. Handle the things before buying them and ask yourself, "How does this feel?" Can an answer of "no" or "yes" be tested by kinesiology? "No" does not feel the same as "yes" in the pit of your stomach. Seek the answers on a continuous basis.

After the crash of money in the US, other areas will also be affected because their economies are very entwined with the US economy. Have any of you considered making a new choice of home in another area? Now, I am not telling you to move, but should the inner guidance be this message, will you do it? Some may need to. Feel the news that comes from all sources in your body. Ask for the truth about what has been delivered. Free yourself from controller content with a new awareness. Give all teachings the leadership advice of the Master within. Change the controllers game NOW, and don't accept their nonsense again.

NESARA is a perfect example of a non-truth becoming a cause of disappointment to many. Such concepts that cause disappointment and suffering are their game, not a delightful concept that only the light can deliver. Many who have been fed inaccurate details about future money gifts are going to be very distraught if they don't come through. You being distraught makes the controllers happy. It is their most manipulative intention, because disturbed and chemically toxic people don't deliver any disturbance over their newest controls.

Their contact with mankind comes through many delivery systems. Mainstream news is the first. Newspapers and TV are the very worst. Next is comic books and computer games. Control of your mind can be the goal of the game. Next is the most devious, and that is channeled material for those gullible souls who cannot think for themselves, to determine how valid the content is. Most think, "I'm channeling, so I must be getting good content because my heart tells me this is accurate." Give yourself another measuring tool. Begin with knowledge, because deceptive channeling comes with a most  seducing approach. Nothing said should be accepted until it is tested. My recommendation is to compare it with a clear channel's material. How do you know who is clear? As the Master within to give you a sign.

Practicing channeling can be done with those who are savvy about the questions to ask any entity that can convey their consciousness. Be wary of all that assure you of their accuracy. Big clue - they aren't! Only trust those who teach you to go within to check whether this guidance is for any benefit to your life, and how you can benefit.  Telling you to accept anything they deliver is not a channeled message that will lead you to the highest light of anything. Free yourself from any control of the mind by learning the ability to check for yourself on all content you read or see. Nothing dark tells you their agenda. All say they are light. Your divine nature always can tell the difference. Be aware, be careful, and be delivered to the mental clarity needed to ascend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Truer words have never been said and so it is...

    Thank you very much Ascended Master St. Germain and Aruna.

  2. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain, dear Aruna,

    In a previous Message you recommended the storage of food. Can you please let us know for which region/country you would recommend to store food. I am living in Germany, shall we store food here, too?

    You mentioned the crash of money in the US. Will this occur soon and how will Europe be affected?

    Many thanks!

  3. I am in Poland and I am not really concerned about storing food, for I hardly have money to get a food for now, so I learn how to let go my fears about it more than thinking about feeding my stomach tomorrow or even later. We are in different countries and we have differnt attitude towards any aspect of life. It's very different in the US or even in Germany. And I don't have an access to an organic food here or healthy environment, so I am sure that in my case it has nothing to do with taking care of my body as it is now. I wish to know what exactly do we need to do in countries which are not as wealthy (kind of) as the US or Western Europe. If this is my time to die (it's hard to think diffrently now, for I am where I am and I have what I have, which is nothing, just my guitar, a few of my paintings and clothes, and a roof over my head- yet). And the death of my ego seems to cause the ilness of my body- and death of the body?) I would love to know if there is a deeper meaning of my being here, if there is anything I can give to this place on Earth, if it has anything to do with it? Or is it just my very individual experience, only for this very soul? If that was so, why would I get all those things I got? All those experiences, gifts, knowledge, wisdom if I can't share it with others? Does the real freedom from this human's experience mean death? Does it have to be such a lonely path? Is it just for... me? Please?

  4. Beloved Master St.Germain Thank you so much for making us aware of the Inner Master. I believe its our Higher Self/Divine Self/I AM PRESENCE.

    WaSalam O Alaikum
    Muhammad Habib