Saturday, October 9, 2010

Negative Thoughts and Suicide

Many questions have yet to be answered. I do not choose to ignore them. Teachings cannot be disregarded, nor the Mastery training needed to ascend. Today's message answers questions AND delivers Mastery training.

Put aside all your concerns. Negative thinking comes naturally from an aggressive mind. Doubts are also ego's challenge to being happy. Imagine a day without negative or doubting thoughts. It is possible! This is the mental condition that is the consequence of an awakening. Positive and negative thinking both come from mind. No cause and effect occurs, unless thoughts are charged with an attitude against an object of mind's attention. Can a mind control its own thinking? No! Can you control the mind's thinking? No. Mind thinks constant answers to the conditions it has made to be answered. Mind delivers the cause and the effect.

Changing this is an awakening. Not being concerned about the future, or doing things right, can be the next mode of living, if you are going to ascend. Twenty million have this opportunity. Can you be one of them?

"Not thinking" becomes a way of life, once the mind has been caught in the act enough times. Catching the mind in the act of manipulating your emotions is the key. Charged emotions create negative energy, not the little negative thought that appears without any charge. Being aware of the difference, begins your ability to demand that there be no delivery of emotional triggers from the mind. In the instant the trigger is being activated, counter it with the statement, "I do not accept this". Be quiet until the mind gives up its attempt to stir an emotion. "I do not accept this" can be used at any moment the mind becomes dominant with active thinking.

Negative and positive thoughts are not determined by the Higher Self, only ego decides what to like or dislike. Higher Self doesn't make these judgments. Higher Self is neutral. Observing an act of negative cause and effect is not the same as thinking negative thoughts about what is being observed. Observing negative is not being negative. The observer can be neutral. Can you observe your thoughts? When you can, you will realize that you, the observer, are not the thinker. Ego thinks, human beings are neutral observers. Who you are is not an ego/mind. When this is fully understood, the next task is ignoring the ego's thoughts. Mystery schools are all teaching this Mastery tool. Can you begin this approach to life by reading this?

Now, my other question to answer today is about death. No man, woman, or child desires death by a dis-ease or cause that is painful. Nothing that has been taught about death in church has delivered an accurate message. Coming to a different understanding about death, lets the dilemma about actively taking one's life, also become clear.

Man is not to decide his moment of death, because all causes of death are part of his life experience. Every life experience is needed to complete the contract made before birth. Concluding life before the contract completes, destroys the entire mission. No man can know his mission is complete until after death, because that death concluded the contract. Consider death by suicide a new contract to do it all again. So, if you want to destroy this life, another mission just like this one, or a more difficult one, must be completed, before you can move on to new experiences. Putting the body out of misery cannot be the decision of the one being miserable. This too deletes the entire mission. The moment of death can be the key to graduation, or a decent into astral consciousness. Astral entities are those who deny death and attempt to stay in 3D.

Whenever man decides to end a life, the news of this causes harm to others. Considering the consequences, can a man give a less than loving death to his family without negative karma? No, he cannot. So even those who are terminally ill, can die with grace naturally, say "I AM THAT I AM" at the moment death, and move on to another consciousness. Not taking one's own life becomes a karmic choice that determines the next life's conditions. Making the decision to die before the time contracted for, demands a condition of life in the next incarnation that is less desirable than the one being deleted. Only the divine knows the moment of death for a man's character in the movie of life and death.

Prisons are one place of death that assures that the actions of the man's drama are not deleted by suicide. Suicide in a prison makes the contract for the next life the most difficult possible a human can get. Nothing can delete a new contract created by the mind's command for destruction of the body. No death command goes unanswered. The death of a body is the best opportunity for reducing drama in future incarnations.

Bless the body in every moment. Give the contract for its existence its full development, death included. Save one last breath for a call to God.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you, Beloved Master and Friend, Compte de Saint Germain.

  2. Thank you Master for your message. I don't think any of your chelas would ever consider the suicide. Having suicide thoughts is same as if you do the act(Please, be proud of your chelas, Master!)

    "Not thinking" is a beautiful teaching, but difficult to put ahead. Not thinking asks for extra courage. More courage than that day when I gave permission things around me to change, and myself be assisted to find God inside. I would love to put aside that part of myself that plays the spouse and the mother and concetrate only at things that have me in the centre: my wellbeing as a Divine Being. Here things get messed up: the balance between "Not Thinking" for "others" or Thinking for "others". Being part of the dramas of the "others" or letting go any dramas of the "others". To name it responsibility or ego.

    I know the answer comes from within. To get it right more needs to be done.

  3. Oh, Aox10, I was not only considering commiting a suicide many times in my life, also recently, but I tried to do it. And an opportunity to die was given to me a few months ago as a result of my giving up and a permanent lack of joy and an "earthly" goal- I didn't use it. These messages of Compte de Saint- Germain resonate with me and bring my attention to the intuition about the awakening and the meaning of it I had for so many years- even if sometimes it seems to be more that I can deal with. And they give me needed hope and strength to go on. I dare to think that there is more human beings about awakening who find themselves in difficult circumastances and are considering death as a way out. Does it mean that I am not a canditate for the ascension? I don't think so. It's just more challenging life, but also more chances to go beyond those difficulties, to be really free. If I am aware of it, of course. I must be if I am still here. Otherwise I would be dead long time ago. Namaste

  4. I am sorry to hear that Elizabet... I am not as careless as I sound regarding the suicide. Not long ago, I learned that my mother had attempted suicide when I was a child. I was shocked. That intelligent woman?! That strong woman?! My mother?!

    Life is tough for every one. It comes to you with many unpleasant "surprises". I learned to use a tool: letting the trouble to deal the next day. And the next day, the trouble never looked as huge a trouble as it was the night before (especially nights are dark). This was before I knew anything about the true story of ourselves.

    If it comes again any of these dark moments, I will use the meditation as the most powerful tool I know. I feel sorry for those enormous years of my life that I lived in pain, because I didn't know we are all great masters in healing ourselves.

    Love you very much Elizabet. Cheers! To life!

  5. Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna, Thank you so much for such an Important Message.

    We Love you
    Muhammad Habib

  6. Today is 10-10-10. My Higher Self told me that she is the Princess of Light, the Princess of Love, the Princess of Beauty. She asked me to reflect all these qualities and the finest Gentleness in real life. I said Yes, knowing how hard it will be to do so and not messed up again somewhere in my day. For the first time I didn't question "Fantasy?" because it sounded simply real, She and I.

    What is all this buzz about 10-10-10 Master? Do you have any comment?