Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Make Choices

Control, of anything, is not man's responsibility. Man needs to align himself with the divine plan to be happy. Anything you do, that does not fulfill the divine contract, is not going to bring happiness. Heart led lives have more grace, and more fun.

Man has no idea what his contract with God is, only his heart knows. Lack of control over his life does not lead to chaos, it is control that does this. Let me clarify:

A lack of control allows the divine plan to be correctly opened to your awareness, by nudges of your guides, and new opportunities appearing. Choices are then made as each new door of awareness opens. New awareness, in turn, makes more choices available. No control (over anything) means there is the freedom to make aware choices whenever an opportunity appears.

Control creates chaos and dis-ease. Mental attitudes like, "It MUST be this way", do not accept new awareness, or the ability to follow a new direction. Making choices, moment to moment, will bring new cause and effect conditions that lead you to the next choice. Growth in awareness becomes a continuous movement. Not allowing this momentum, to open up new choices, makes a man crave new opportunities, but he is unable to deviate from previous decisions. Maturity in consciousness depends on movement in the continuum of what life brings. Being convinced that one and only one thing must be the only decision, deletes movement towards becoming the conscious man the contract develops. Control of the daily answers in one's life cannot develop the consciousness your contract was designed to evolve. Pure consciousness is the goal. Any form of control allow ego to defeat the divine contract.

Please do not get nervous about this message, as new choices open up new opportunities, and new conditions offer more consciousness, daily. No major change need occur now, just concentrate on choosing a heart message over a mental goal. Control will not cause another life if it isn't continued. Please be willing to let go of all your mental goals, so you can co-create the divine plan of your contract. Choosing the heart's way can do this now!

Practices to quiet the mind do two things: one, is to get your body/mind quiet for a period of time. The other, and more important, it delivers the ability to become more aware of the divine contract. Guides are around, and can nudge you during meditation. Opening the heart to consciousness is the gift these practices bring. Not for fulfilling mental desires, not for goal setting, not for making contact with the guides. What meditation does is make man more aware of his contract, so he can be more conscious in all of his daily choices.

Canceling mental decisions about personal goals makes the difference between chaos and dis-ease, and your dreams coming true. Your dreams are your contract! Your heart's desire is the divine deal you made with God. Are you going to continue to accept less? Why?

Practice control and negate these dreams. Closing the door to new opportunities cancels them. Being able to accept them causes new doors to open, one door at a time, and at each doorway opening, man makes a new choice: God's way or my old way"? Think "new and different" and be on the divine continuum. Think "no" to the new and different, and cancel another opportunity. Select carefully at all times, and give the heart the lead. Passion can be a guide to making choices. Passion for anything claims the direction needed. Happiness comes when a match is made between the other choice and an answer that garners excitement.

Control, on the other hand, opens no new doors for maturation in consciousness. "New and different" makes contract completing a direct opportunity. Face the fear that appears, and don't let this keep you from choosing a new direction. Are you not getting a good feeling about current conditions? Are you feeling disturbed by anything? Are you making an effort to do daily chores? Are you not getting the happy moments your heart desires? Make different decisions. Choose new content to delve into. Choose new activities, choose new friends, etc. Change opens doors. Make change your new demonstration of consciousness. What new things are you willing to experience? Are "new and different" part of your agenda? If not, now is the time to add them.

Face the fact that creating your new reality is NOT deciding what the mind wants and visualizing it, or demanding it. Creating happiness can be a very new experience for many of you. Create happiness by making different choices. Not "do this and I will be happy" choices, simply answering "yes" to what makes you feel a big gust of movement towards that choice. Positive thinking is to agree to what makes you happy. Put aside what does not. No contract is as contributory to your development as the one you made on the way into this life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hello.
    I do touch my fears, but I don't know what to do with them. They are coming to the surface now and are getting bigger and bigger. It's hard to recognized myself now- I didn't know how scared I was. So, sometimes I'm crying, sometimes wishing my mum was holding me (I'm almost 40 :)).
    The only strength I can find now is in my rebel's attitude towards any system I was in- which I carry my whole life. And I hope I can bring back my bravery that I had 20 years ago when one system was collapsing in my country.
    I am going to dedicate you my Wednesday's concert as my gratitude to you for your friendship,support and amazing guidance, Master Compte de Saint Germain.
    I love you. I'm sure you know that :)

  2. Dear Master St.Germain,
    Your message is mind blowing...:)....Its so so so wonderful, amazing, its saturated with wisdom,....with Love,...with caring, with Light sooooo...much for us. We are learning understanding more and more and more each day through your messages which we never heard, never read ever before...your method of explanation is simply wonderful....May we all along with your essence rise with every breath...I share each and every word of your message daily on facebook, and I have so wonderful responses...You are Simply GREAT Consciousness our Beloved Master, our Guide, our Saviour, our Light, our Pride...
    Besides so many other coments, 2 of them are below:
    Tina from facebook says: we must accept we cant make people do anything... if we try we create only choas and dis-ease for ourselves. wow i am blown away... every day st germain comes thru with a message about the something that either just happened or recently happended to clear things up.. amazing amazing... i must be in tune..

    Jessica says : This is so very true! Love it!

    We all Love you soooo....much !

  3. Again this morning the alarm clock threw me out of the bed without mercy. I got on my feet, opened the window, run in the kitchen and put the coffee machine on, double checked the backpack if I had everything needed for the day, added some notes at the calendar over the fridge door, read things I had to do for the day, run some more time up and down from the bedroom to kitchen and vice versa, until I finally got to myself: to take the shower, be ready and keep running in hallway to get in elevator and down the street.

    As I get in washroom, my mind is squezing itself to remember what notes at the fridge door were saying for today. Somebody in washroom watching me?! I turn my eyes at that side and see my eyes in the mirror having that look... What's up body, I ask my eyes. There is no answer. The look turns to be sad. What for? I stopped there, and turned off the water as well. There are more wrinkles around my face: forehead, eyes, cheeks... Um, there are not them that make me think. It's the recall that I am a female, and I have forgotten...

    I put on the nicest clothes today, worn the finest parfum, and decorated my face with the sweetest smile. The passers by in my neighbourhood felt the difference on me and turned their heads to watch what exactly whas the difference. The train was closing its doors, I didn't run to catch it. I kept the posture of a true lady and waited for the next train to come. I slowed down, just slowed down a little bit. I felt the energy of the woman and the mother boiling in me again, the brilliance of shining of the yesterday's teenager, and the glory of the today's mature woman. I liked the feeling, and I concluded with a great pleasure that my world was liking this perfect feminine vibration of mine, as well. I am planning to be a bit more slower tomorrow, and see how it feels.