Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mastery From Challenging Circumstances

My dear ones. Can my chelas give me the attitude of Mastery, now that their dreams of money have been dismissed? Can they believe in a God that has not delivered all of their desires? Mastery is not about manifesting! Mastery has the distinction of creating nothing by the personality's direction. A Master controls no material world conditions. When Masters appear to be demonstrating material actualization of their next degree in awareness, none of these conditions came from their actions. Most Masters do not even mention their consciousness in conversation. Only one who has fully awakened can determine an actual Master.

Beliefs of all kinds abound about Mastery. Today, my chelas are to be led to Mastery by one simple clue: Be completely natural!  Give this the most credence, as any energy expended towards being how mind dictates, deletes Mastery.

Meditate, contact Christ consciousness by decreeing I AM THAT I AM. Rest the body on a day when it is not feeling in good health. Give healing to all of the body's needs by making healing sounds: OM, ME, HE, DO, NA,  and KI. Use these names of God as the mental attention is on an area calling for it. NU can also be mimed if not getting the needed changes. Doing chanting of the names of God can deliver healing to all mental and physical causes of distress.

Now, my question for discussion today, is the non-aligned deceivers, of any given man's own country, that can be God's tools of darkness. Calling them "deceiver" is just to separate their demands out of the mass consciousness attitude of "evil". All men are divine. Some of them are not aware of their divinity, and close the door to any answer to their demands for love. Actions are appearances of their mental consciousness, not their divine consciousness. Crass attitudes against one's fellow man delivers Mastery opportunities to those receiving such treatment. How? By the least understood contradiction that leads to awareness: being quiet during a quite disturbing circumstance, develops man's ability to deliver himself to his own divine awareness. The more this occurs, the more divine one becomes! Silence, in the face of negativity, cancels any collusion in negativity.

Practice this now. What the controllers want is your negative attitudes, so they can call you a terrorist and haul you away. Give them only silence; no conversation, no anger, no messages about the delivery of a different attitude. Quiet, non-response will do the most for the situation. This also applies to the controller that leads all of your own decisions. Ignore all calls to defend yourself. Ignore all feelings that appear. Be an answer to their attack energy with no attack energy. Be natural. Be neutral. Give them happy, neutral presence, without fear. Practice this all the time. Allow the dark to deliver any of its contact, without any contraction in you. Give them your compassion.

Being a Master gives a message of more impact than being a mad, defensive coward. Giving no reaction is giving help to all of mankind. Heal all your own negative impulses by giving them compassion too. Answer an adversary with happy attitudes and no more disturbance can be made. As far as the action on their part is concerned, no one can control any one's behavior. All you can do is engage an adversary in loving acts of kindness, to throw them out of their comfort zone. Give to all the grace of divine awareness. No man can destroy an angel.

All my advice is for the benefit of an audience of different countries and different circumstances. No one country is an Island. One country's circumstances are only a collection of those contradictions of others. In countries that my words are not all applicable, do what can be done. Meditate as much as you can, and add more consciousness of the divine to the darkness. Pour your love onto all that need healing or courage. Be a deliverer of consciousness, as an attitude of contentment can do more than an attitude of disturbance. Free yourself from disdain, and make more love on the planet. You are where that love is most needed.

Feed yourself the best you can. Bless the food that comes to you. Add a gift of grace to all the natural growth made available, and don't give a negative thought to the disruptive food. Collect food for difficult times from any materialization that comes from heart love donations. Give yourself an opportunity to receive them. Many countries can give the poor assistance. If yours does, accept it. If yours cannot, meditate and give gratitude for what is available. Giving the gratitude attracts more to you.

Ponder this: difficulties are the most helpful gifts of higher awareness. They challenge the body with an attention getting direction towards the need of divine assistance. Being content adds to that grace.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Saint Germain and Aruna,

    Beautiful! Rings SO true!

    Much heartfelt gratitude to you both for your steadfast efforts to shine the Light of truth for the good of the ONE I AM THAT I AM!!

  2. My thoughts were going backwards today, wandering up and down not as they normally do. The day ended being not much a bright day.
    Doubts. Doubts for little things, and bigger things. So many doubts, uncertainty, questions.
    Beyond them is the solved Mystery. How to get beyond, is another question. I feel Ok having days like today. They have been the push for new search, findings and understanding.

  3. Thank you for messages. And thank you, Aox10, for sharing your experiences and thoughts. My path is not so smooth, so your comments resonate with me a lot.
    I have a question. My grandmother is in a house for elderly people and she is in her world now. In that house there is also a man without a leg who said that he had enough, there is nothing ahead and he hates that place. So, he is planning to get out in the winter and freez to death somewhere in a forest. I also had a friend who commited a suicide.
    I really want to make it this time here, but sometimes when it's getting to hard, when I can't like what I dislike- I also have thoughts about going somewhere else, beyond the body and this survive mode, limitation, density, fears. Anyway, my question is how does the suicide affect a soul's journey?
    Thank you.