Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Earth Considerations

Yes, David Wilcox is accurate. Men are not all as they seem. ETs are also clothed as humans. This is not a movie characterization, rather an incarnated ET in human form. My chelas are not all from one planet or universe. Many are from other galaxies also. ETs are the Master race of this planet. Bodies came, after they found the Earth by hovering around it. Many countries have this, now discounted history, mentioned in their native tongues. Oral dictations from one man to another, in cultures of many kinds, are accurate. Space vehicles first inhabited Earth. The bodies they chose to materialize in, were the first phase of humans existence. Ape-man in appearance, this was a prototype for future bodies. No evolution occurred. Bodies of different abilities were manifest, as needed.

Many were first manifested in Europe, to claim that area. Others were manifested in Africa, to claim that area. Others manifested bodies of Asian appearance, and others are the manifestation of Mayan appearance. All of these ancient civilizations began as new manifestations of human appearance. All are not from the same star system. Many of the first appearances, millions of human years ago, were not able to create manifestations that could reproduce. No bodies could be delivered that had any desire to co-create children. Next, they needed another change - a human that could give his organs to another. One change led to another, creating many appearances, cultures and languages. Faces were never the heart of the change, rather, a consequence of it. People then became the cause of the next changes. They chose other demonstrations of abilities, and these were part of the next continuation of the new race. Changing appearance continues, by the management of breeding.

Many new ET incarnations are on Mother Earth now. Consider them the same as you, with different beliefs and attitudes. Many are not caring. Others are not dreaming the dream, as you are. Many are very neutral about all of man's concerns. Hearing, in some, is acute. Others do not hear well, but are clairvoyant and clairaudient. Others do not see, as most men and women of other origins do. They are more observant of the leaders of the other realms, than those of the continents.

Thirty-five million years of development in being human have dramatized on Mother Earth. Other star systems want to get in the game. New disturbances, from more advanced societies, are calling for admission to the human collective consciousness. They have no desire to control, only participate, as yet another contributor to new games. These new dramas are currently being controlled by the Ashtar command and the Galactic Federation. Astroids that could destroy many home galaxies are the cause of this desire to incarnate in the human game.

Maybe they are not totally human, but neither are you! No man was created as a body, now or millions of years ago, with the awareness of Mastery I am calling for. Many can complete their game of human life, and ET commitments, as an ascension of the next consciousness becomes manifest on those  continents that can accept these new developments.

Clear the mind now. My words are nothing to be concerned about. Heart development, as a human, is the most desired game of the manifestors. Can a new game begin after ascension? Another few hundred years are needed before this can occur. New diseases must be cured, new awareness of hidden information must become accepted, and new death and consciousness control must give way to aware beings who are acknowledging their True Nature. Not with religions, or beliefs of any kind, only giving and delivering caring to all. Mass ascension, and the drama that can occur before the next act, can deliver all of the lessons necessary.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hi Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Looking at the contents in this article, would it be safe to say that these advance technologies to be introduced very soon would bring about the much needed positive changes and benefits in the way we live, work, eat and play, even though these technologies were developed partially by human ETs? Would there be any impact to us in terms of physical, mental and spiritually by utilizing these technologies? More importantly, with the utilization of these technologies, would Earth itself benefit and regenerate from the damages and destruction caused by human activities previously?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Master St. Germain,

    Are the first people that came to earth the Holy Kumaras? You're saying they could not reproduce. If they had daughters, were they created in the higher realms? Also, did they really come from Venus?

    Is the story about the Sons of Gods mating with the daughters of men accurate? Were the Sons of Gods, ETs as well?

    When an ET comes in a body, are they walk-ins, and is this agreed on?