Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making An Ascension Happen

My dear ones. Many of my chelas are living in Asia. One of my chelas can give the others a new destiny very soon. If this occurs, the continent of Asia, and all of its immediate neighbors, will be confused and dazed by an attack that comes as an act of God. All things that occur are acts of God, so the man acting, conceives of his action with God's direction. My dear ones, God loves all of his children. No cast offs are acceptable. All are the answer to God's designs. What can be a major change in man's control of his world, can occur any day.

My desire is for all of those near a computer to be called to these next messages, to enable me to lead man to his next act of courage. When a crisis comes, control of the mental becomes a "next consciousness" opportunity. Positive thinking cancels the danger of an astral death for a consciousness  change to light. The astral mandates the attention of a mere mortal for many of the first days after death. But no need of this experience comes after the death of a very aware being. Awareness can catapult the unconscious to conscious. Awareness can lead many to ascension at the moment of death. Astral beings can attempt to deceive man's draconian mind into anger and fear, and be completely ineffective. Anger will cause an astral mandate. Fear will cause an astral mandate. Acting like this is an act of God, and not man's decision, can defeat any astral mandate.

These astral mandates are necessary for those needing to experience one's own death as a dark moment, but for those needing to graduate from the "college of dark and light", a death can provide the best opportunity to ascend.

Welcome the moment that death calls. Be aware of the angel of death. Conscious death makes an ordinary death into an ascension. A Master, at the moment of death, will accept this as an adventure, an action of holy conditions, a gift of a loving God. Absolute control of mind's opinions can lead to ascension.

I AM THAT I AM is the most causal decree to be made. I AM THAT I AM, called out to the angel of death, can lead to an ascension. Angels that are anointing the body that has been dropped will leave at that moment. Angels do not anoint the body of an ascending consciousness, because no anointing is needed for later characterizations. Practice no chants for dying but I AM THAT I AM. It is the most direct way to the light.

Appeasing the astral drama may appear to be necessary, but it is not. Answer all contributions to this drama with an act of defiance, making the decree, I AM THAT I AM. Closing the door to astral beings may not be an easy thing to do, but it can be done. Take no clues from movies. Astral beings are the ones who come as the members of family and other characters the mind considers to be new angels of love. None of these are actually the members of the family at all. They are the conscious memories of the one who has been called, and are only man's projections. They will lead you to the controllers' dream of ascension: directly to the astral.

The astral realm will provide an accurate condition of a man's consciousness at the moment of death. Masters, awake and aware, don't need any conditions demonstrated. Awake and aware, they will be happy to leave the body and move on to other dimensions. This Master's goal is to have as many as possible do this, the moment death arrives.

My message today will come in three dialogs. My channel will add more as my next messages are given.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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