Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awareness From Darkness

Growth in awareness begins with going inside, to the most difficult memories, to have a look at your mind's food for disturbing the present. You will not discover any new additions to the memory, and you will have a more objective ability to move away from the discomfort, if you accept that it happened for growth in your awareness. All of mind's memories can be examined with this approach, and can get dismissed by acceptance with this new attitude. An active ego uses memories that haven't been  accepted, to lead man into war - war with the dark side of his own nature. War of the dark and light, in man's own consciousness, is the mass consciousness drama that creates a war in the nuclear age. Man can diffuse all defiance in human consciousness by coming to terms with his own darkness.

Most humans can only blame others for their disappointments. Most of you are denying any darkness in your own mind. It is this denial that damages the mind's conscious demonstration of unconditional love. No conditions placed on love are light. Any condition placed on love is dark, and I want those of you who are making the mistake, of believing you are acting with love when you condemn the contributions of others, because you don't agree with them. Maybe the thing you disagree with has merit. Maybe your concept is not correct. Maybe the other came to your awareness to help get you to another level of consciousness.

Apply this concept to any of the memories you hold as not being good ones. Any dark thought about a person or situation is dark, no matter how the mind couches it as a defense for approval of those dark thoughts. Every thing that has happened, in the amazing drama called "life", has occurred as a growth opportunity for all. No bad guys exist. All who have played that part in the drama are good guys being an actor of bad deeds. Good only looks different than bad. Both are equally beneficial. Can you comprehend the significance of my words?

All actors in the life drama are God. All of them act out their role in the drama as God designed it to be acted. Anger about another actor's behavior is for your awareness, not the other actor. Anger comes when man's desires and expectations are not fulfilled. Anger comes to those who are not accepting of an other's actions and do not want them to act that way again. Anger is never about the other actor, it is always a provider of new information about a dark memory of yours.

Man cannot see his negative attitudes unless he observes his own reactivity. All reactivity means there is an unresolved mental concept about good and bad.

But, you clamor in dismay at my words, "As an anchor of light I must avoid darkness and only look at the light!" No! Only looking at darkness can give you the ability to clear it from your psyche. Can you accept an action against you as a child? No? Then ask yourself what has evolved from that action. Can you accept that Hitler annihilated millions because of his demented attitudes towards differences? No? Than ask yourself, "Do I have negative attitudes about differences?" Can you accept that America attacked another country? No? Ask yourself, ask yourself, "Am I a terrorist towards any one or anything?"

Man gives attention to the things he dislikes because he denies his dark opinions.  Man cannot become unconditionally loving unless he drops these dark attitudes. Not allowing yourself to even observe darkness can cause denial of the inner darkness for an entire lifetime. Ascension demands all different opinions be OK. A lack of differences would delete God's ability to give more awareness to all.

Choosing to do the most difficult things, can give you the most consciousness. Praying for control of a situation doesn't give nearly as much assistance, as doing an inner action that will advance awareness about the condition that created the situation.

Making allowances for an attitude of condescension does not mean that you allow yourself to be regarded in a less than accepting manner. Give that mad man the kick he needs to recognize the inappropriateness of his manner. But, at the same time, accept him as a divine being who still has lessons to learn.

Following an angry leader means that you are angry, even though you don't acknowledge that anger. Be aware of the things that attract you, as well as those that you don't feel comfortable with. Both of these "reactions" are needing more attention. Being aware means full awareness of what is being presented in the Universe, not only the things the ego prefers.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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