Thursday, August 12, 2010

Man's Creation Ability

Concerns about the future are not creating these concerns. Manifestation begins with desires, not beliefs. Clearing beliefs is my goal.

Being Awake means no beliefs. Awakened awareness means being aware. The comments of my chelas are a new cause for my messages. All comments are appreciated. Give them to me, and my messages can contain answers to your mental concepts about my channeled material.

Concepts about manifestation abound, and most of them are not accurate. My job, as Maha Chohan, is to continue the materialization of human mandates, and as my duties are directly an outcome of contracts between the Masters, God and all mankind, my ability to address this topic is not an answer of man's opinions. I do a major amount of creation observation as well, so my words are not only from creation of manifestations, they are also observations. My contact to my chelas now is good, so no opinions of the channel are contributed.

Teachings of manifestation in human culture are mostly inaccurate. Movies, channeling, and educators that teach about how to co-create with divine assistance have misled the masses about this ability they are not correct about using. This makes it more difficult to get man's attention to the truth of the situation.

Masters, Angels and all of the beings that are not in materialized form can observe anything they need to know, enabling them to be omnipotent and conscious, all the days and nights of your clock time. Omnipotent beings do not decide the manner in which the human continuum will be developed, and they are not about to do so. But, they are able to assist in creating materialization of man's dreams about the future, and co-create those dreams that CAN be co-created.

CAN is my point here. Many materializations are not changeable, as they were created as a cause and effect development. Man has been dreaming this dream a very long time. Cause and effect is one of the most ancient laws of the Universe, and will supersede all mental beliefs, attitudes, conceptualizations and desires. Cause and effect comes as an actualization of all of man's demonstrations about consciousness, lifetime after lifetime. Cause in one lifetime can create an effect in another. Cause of NOW was made an actuality, not on the day it was conceived, or when man decided to alter its content, but when the most causative demonstration of the drama was made, and the Masters were given their guidelines by these demonstrations.

example: climate change was not created in this lifetime for most of our chelas. It was dramatized in the machine age when man was concerned about motors and conveyor belts and machines that could make man's collection of tools. Changes to the environment and the collective consciousness about answers to man's needs overlooked the dramatic effects until after the fact. No engineers asked the most important question, "What will this contribute to our Mother Earth?" Now we can ascertain this answer, but as all this was created by man before now, no man can alter the effects of all the damage that has been done with his mental attitudes or control of mental thoughts. Neither can man alter the dangers of air contributions already made, or death of the cloud cover over areas of man's environment, or the collapse of continents that are not anchored to man's control. Mudslides, earthquakes or eruptions of volcanos cannot be altered NOW with dreams about another creation. Cause and effect will always supersede creative attitudes.

An Awakened one does not alter anything. An Awakened one is not a change maker. An Awakened one is at another level of consciousness that does not control or demand anything. No man, awake or not, can alter an act of change that is now appearing, with a new attitude or an act of decree. No change can occur that cannot develop over time with a man's cause and effect ability. Magic will not alter anything of great importance that is mentioned in the Master Messages or my newest messages.

Neither will it change the way manifestation occurs. Only desires and content of a minor character can be demanded and created by man's mind. Be the God that you are and demand awareness. Then give my call to readiness for change another read.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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1 comment:

  1. WE are never without beiefs...we can never escape holding a belief about SOMETHING. Even a belief that we are awake is a belief!

    When we expect negative occurrences in the future, it could be said that we hold a BELIEF about that future occurrence.

    Living a physical life involves a certain amount of 'belief' that what appears before me has some amount of reality or validity.

    You say "only desires and content of a minor character can be created by man's mind." We'll simply have to agree to respectively disagree on this one. All content, All desires whether large or small emanate from the same consciousness. What you deem as being 'large content' is simply something that has been thought into reality by many minds. As sparks of the original God-Source, there are no limits to our creative power.

    I also channel information from the higher realms. The picture of our future I see before me is simply too vivid and too beautiful to turn away from it to embrace a vision of doom.

    It's not about 'fearing' a dire future, but more about knowing that it's simply not necessary.

    I spent many years doing intuitive readings...I've learned that the future is never carved in stone and even the most seemingly imminent situations and circumstances can be altered by change of thought and offering of vibrational energy.

    The interesting thing about channeling (other than the fact that we're all capable of doing it!) is that this information must pass through our own physical/mind filter. This is a process that can greatly distort. I believe Aruna has addressed this.

    Also, simply because an entity resides in spirit does not necessarily mean that they can see all and hold all answers. I've conversed with some very honest spirit beings who have told me they do not in fact know all simply because they've passed from the physical realm.

    With all this said, I sincerely thank you Aruna for choosing to post my comments and for offering up such thorough response.

    Part of what makes this physical experience such a wonderful one is the fact that we all hold different viewpoints and different belief systems...makes things so much more interesting!! When we're presented with differing opinions and beliefs it causes us to reflect within and often to delve deeper...always a good thing!

    And I apologize if this is a repeat of my last post..I seemed to have lost it before posting..but possibly not..?

    Thanks so much,
    peace and love,