Sunday, August 22, 2010

Help Save Okinawa

Contact with higher realms can answer the more difficult and more meaningful questions. Apathy about the need for direct contact has made our non-interfering mode of operation less conscious making than needed. Therefore, more attempts to get your attention are happening, and they will be continued until action from you, to be in contact with us, has been taken.

My contact is not the only one you need. Many of you can learn a great deal directly from I AM THAT I AM, the consciousness called Creator, God, Higher Self, or any other name. What the Creator needs from you is your attention to the consciousness of your heart messages, not the controlling mind.

Channels are ordinary men and women needing no attention from others. Most do channeling in service to divine consciousness, not to collect money or attract attention. A conduit of the Masters and Angels cannot be arrogant. Arrogance cancels their ability to anchor new energies of the Master's choosing. Ponder this: My new channels will be following the teachings of my heart led channels now giving my messages to others. They are the ones who have been asked to open doors to the heart of the more conscious ones on the continuum now. To contact the new channels is my next dream to mandate. New channels for awakening man's consciousness are needed NOW!

Absolute commitment to my word of honoring the divine Christ conscious Masters in my last human incarnation is why my current position, made available by the former Maha Chohan, is so much more meaningful to me than my former position as overseer of only one Ray. Now my work can reach all who can be made aware of my words. Now I can call all of the Master's chelas "my chelas". No more am I limited to one Ray of chelas, so the awareness of my chosen teachings can be flowing out all the time, and many channels can accept my messages as my chelas. Other Masters can also deliver messages through the ones I make contact with. No competition.

Apres vous? Are you able to accept my love and assistance in the next days and months of New Earth creation? Will you be my contact for the health of the next dimensions as well as your own? Place no conditions on this conduit contact, and you can get more out of this than money or any other compensation. Ascension is my gift to all who can act on my guidance.

Past lives are not an answer to the ending of this cycle of incarnations. Only this life matters. Best to get a more conscious attitude about the Masters and Angels of today's life. As the controllers became more active to destroy the magnificent Gaia, all of the Masters and Angels decided that no more nuclear arms would be tolerated. Many were told this, and our hope was that all the countries with nuclear capabilities would not act on one man's call. Men and women of the future cannot adapt to drains on the money, or the closing of air and water capabilities for supporting life, to nuclear madness. But now there is a man who can do all that we have condemned. He may do this momentarily. This is my reason for more than one message today.

More than one can give the man more conscious attention than an ongoing completion of my dialog about him. Today may be the day of his decision, and my words about him can draw attention to him, to dismay him, and cause him to negate his wants for a common cause. May the light of Christ bring more consciousness to his mental condition. May his heart find a way to be healed. May the dreams of man be made into reality, and the days of darkness become dark no more.

Absolute collective consciousness for a new light to become the New Earth can diffuse this man's close of the coast of Okinawa now. Bombs are not acceptable to our realm. Okinawa must not be sacrificed by this man's dagger. I close my message today with my personal prayer, that dismay can alter this man's mind, contain his anger, and he can make a new decision. Please ask for this along with me.

No dream can be created without mass consciousness caring for the new dream more than the old. Anchors of light, can you deliver light to North Korea and Okinawa tonight? Masters and Angels are with you. Beacons of light must be delivered by my chelas NOW!!! Please help. Don't allow negative attitudes towards my message contribute any doubt about its content.

Bless all of my dear ones who may not be able to act out the next continuum because of Mr. Il.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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