Sunday, August 15, 2010

Masters and Chelas

Chelas are students of an Ascended Master. Not all are aware of the Master's teachings, and most are unaware of their Master. Chelas must learn about the Masters to get the most benefit from their guidance. Those who are able to have dialog with the Master, are being called to Mastery as an anchoring of God's love. No Master needs the chela's allegiance, only their attention, as Masters offer gifts of awareness to chelas. Passive denial of my lessons controls my ability to teach. Active denial makes another condition - annoyance.

Chelas are given many opportunities to learn and accept my channeled call to mastery. Most do not act on their mastery until they are actually guided to do so. But one or two are not able to understand that mastery means a quiet mind, not mind's opinions. My dear one, who has attempted to dominate my channeling attention to demonstrate her own consciousness, is not yet a Master. Chelas do not dominate, and do not insist that they are wiser than the Master. This is an arrogance of mind's conditioning, not awareness from the human heart.

My chelas who read this blog do so for my teachings, not to be told that the opposite of my teaching is more accurate. This arrogance is most disrespectful, and will no longer be entertained. My chelas are not the Master and my consciousness is not theirs, as nowhere is it written that chelas are to guide their teacher. Positive attitudes towards the teacher must prevail!

But this is not a dismissal of the chela. Her mastery can be developed in an accelerated way if she accepts what my message today advises: give the Master more credit than the New Age dogma that has been accepted by the mind!

Positive attitudes are not necessarily coated with denial. Only accepting "the goodness", is not acting on the truth of a situation that could provide the most awareness. Mental control of what is accepted cancels all the gifts the dross brings. More consciousness comes to awareness from darkness than the anchors of light are able to deliver. This is a cosmic creation of duality to demonstrate the dream of man's mind. All is not as it seems!

Awareness of what is beyond the veil is more available to those who are aware of the veil. Seeing only one aspect of the duality demands that the mind be active to deny the opposite. Neither is the true reality! Both are an illusionary mental attitude. Cosmic consciousness is totally different than dark and light. Both are of no concern. Truth is only Oneness, and dark and light are included in Oneness.

Chelas, do not accept any teaching that tells you to ignore duality. Consider duality the gift of a new dawn that transcends divisiveness. No comments that designate dark and light are from God awareness. My words today are a Master's consciousness. My gift to the chela I am addressing is an awareness of her non-awareness. Can this gift be used to move her to an Awakening? I do hope an opening for this occurs.

Channeling on this blog will not address any defiance again. Those who do not accept me as their teacher can go elsewhere.

Please ask questions. Please make comments. Any comment that is not accepted by me will not be published. My consideration of this control factor makes an unacceptable condition more comfortable for others who need my attention. No more attitudes of condescension will be tolerated.

My dear ones are all advised to look at themselves for the very thing they are accusing others. Are the earth changes avoidable? Yes, but only when all the inner dramas in the minds of man are no longer creating outer dramas.

May this message be the beginning of my more conscious teachings for this to be accomplished.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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