Thursday, August 26, 2010

North Korea Needs Attention

My dear ones. Kim Jong Il has become the greatest threat to mankind since Hitler. Now he is conversing with the Chinese about his future. His greatest fear is that the United States can make a challenge to his methods of control. Drawing this conclusion from the acts in Afghanistan and Iraq, he wants to decimate the US military capability. Mr. Il can do this. His arsenal can destroy the entire country of any American military contingent, as well as their hosts. His anger commands attention, not guns. Please meditate on his image, and do healing on his heart, by imagining the light going from one heart to another. His dark energy can be altered by this minor contribution from a large number of you.

Mr. Il wants to bomb Okinawa. China's chairman, Mr. Hu Jintao, cannot concur with this man's desires, because his country needs the US to maintain China's economic development. Consequently, making a decision on the desecration of humanity depends on the clarity of the Chinese President and his ability to counter Mr. Il's neglectful thinking. Polarities exist  between these two men. One is not mentally competent, the other is a man of great genius. Can they forge a new attitude? Their coming together is now a most conditional duress for Mr. Il. He wants approval, not demands for containing his anger. We must now wait to learn of their conclusion of this dialog. More than ever, we need many people giving POSITIVE mental thinking to Mr. Il. Fear of his madness need not keep you from doing this. His heart needs to be opened. His heart is the Oneness that cares about others. Opening his heart can dismiss his attack concerns, and keep more of our dear ones from man's greatest destruction. Capable healers can douse the anger in his heart, and any contribution to the cause can help.

Saving Mother Earth from nuclear radiation is a great service for man to do. Giving this only ten minutes a day, can cause a different destiny for many.

While this is underway, my messages will not dwell on this any longer. However, this lack of my conversation does not mean to stop giving the healing to Mr. Il. We need this to be ongoing.

When we have a clear mandate to move on to another condition in this matter, my contact can direct your attention away from North Korea. I welcome all who are going to join me in this endeavor. Frankly speaking, my goal for this drama, is to give you an actual demonstration of what we do whenever we are called upon to act on your behalf. Acting towards the goal we prefer can do more than a big demonstration "against" something you don't want. Major change begins in the hearts of the change agents. Being the change to peace and love means doing loving things in peaceful ways. Prayer, chanting, and meditation will answer more of your calls for change than any demand made by your controlling mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I think that we need send light to America as well, otherwise we would be dealing just with the effect and not with the cause.

    As stated in this message:

    North Korea Must Not Be Attacked

    Military forces are being readied to move against North Korea.

    This is the cause; eventual reaction of N. Korea against that would be just the effect.

    April 1, 2010

    U.S. commander reveals true purpose of troops in Okinawa is to remove N. Korea’s nukes

    US, South Korea to Stage War Games in September

    20 August 2010
    S.Korea military drill envisions 'occupying N.Korea'
    Aug 24 03:06 AM US/Eastern

    The study of History is useful to understand the present situation, and to understand who created it.

    In the XX Century Korea had a brutal japanese occupation for many years, then after WWII Russia and U.S. took possession of half country each, cast one half against another and began a proxy war, not ended until now.
    We can see clearly who are the victims and who are the agressors.
    N. Korea leader is just a man that besides having to deal with a poor health, have the tremendous burden of trying to defend his country against an announced imminent attack. Any leader of any country would react the same way under these circunstances.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    American "Christians" should begin to follow Bible´s teachings " Thou shalt not kill ".

    Peace and Love for Earth.