Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clearing Darkness

Many of my chelas are learning how to draw to them more light. What they need to learn now, is how to BE that light. Clear channels are light when they channel. Clearing the channel is how to be pure light.

Clearing must be done before a being can channel. What does clearing look like? Observing how mental thoughts cause reactions, and letting go of those active mesmerizations of mind. Men and women have a built-in cloud of darkness in their consciousness. Memories collect to become the cause of heartache, or a drain on one's ability to happily advance in consciousness. As the drain becomes large, no day is without memories from past events being thought through a new creative lens of mind's attitudes and beliefs. Fantasy forms out of continuous repetition of that which has no basis in fact. Clouds of negativity are next. Answers to choices that are needed become controlled by this cloud, and many dreams form to keep away light. Clouds of thoughts are an actual mental deterrent, when control of mental actions is being considered, or an activity that claims a new direction is being declined. Man has only to free himself from this thought cloud to be happy all the time. Call this cloud man's adversary. Clouds of mental activity keep out the light.

Accepting light begins by choosing this energy over the darkness that is caused by thoughts. Clouds can be drained of their control as new choices are made. Control over man's choices has no manager from our side, only man's own mental deceiver. Options are everywhere, and closing the door to controlling mental dialog is how men become Angels. Can my chelas understand that their only obstacle to ascension is their dark cloud of thoughts? Meditation can cause man to abstain from identifying with his dark thoughts. Observing thoughts at a distance can delete the acceptance of them as divine contact or controlling advice.

Emptying memories of a "not so desirable" content can also be a way to come out of that cloud. Answers to your demons are not in these clouds, they are in the deletion of clouds. Memories become non-controlling when you accept and declare that they have nothing to do with the current day's agenda. Not accepting them as daily thoughts deletes all claim they have on your life. Not thinking about the past will eliminate the past from your daily creative thoughts. Meditators have the ability to detach from their thoughts.

Other activities can also show these thoughts to be dialog without any built in control, when they draw no attention to them. Making an activity time where you are completely present to the activity does this. Singing, chanting, or being totally open to the moment as a practice, can also delete mind's cloud.

I AM THAT I AM is a mantra that deletes mental control. Claiming Oneness with all that is, also deletes clouds. Oneness means that all the dramas in your life were created by YOU! Can you accept that this has always been the case? Why do mean things to yourself? To learn compassion and caring for those who are not given the clear mind to see this as truth. All dramas in a man's cloud are his own design. No condition was done out of this design. Abuse of all kinds was drawn into the mix, because  drama continues after an Awakening. And deepening of Awakening occurs as that drama no longer affects  man's divine attitudes towards the deliverer of anything.

Man needs to experience dark, to learn about it, and choose another way to be. Choosing the light does not eliminate dark clouds. Clearing the cloud makes you confront all the hidden demons that drain light out of your conscious attitudes in the NOW. Hanging on to the cloud cannot make you more conscious. Clearing it does.

When channeling begins, the cloud is not totally eliminated. Channeling attracts memories to the mind of the channel for clearing. Giving attention to clearing your active thoughts when not channeling deletes them from channeled material. Channeling is not negative. Nothing contained in man's conversations about light can be demonic. Only the thinking of those learning about light and dark is negative. Pointing to a cause and effect condition contains nothing negative. Accusing the content that declares this to be negative, is negative. Cloud covers are the negativity deliverers. Can the cloud in man's mind be deleted? Absolutely, as long as he declares that to be his desire. All he needs to clear it will appear for clearing. Believe me, we can do this for you. We are not the creators of negativity, only  confronters of it when there is a call for more light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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