Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make Ascension Your Choice

Closure on my channeled blog will come with any disturbance that takes the internet down. Be aware of this, and become capable of channeling messages yourself. Channeling is not some weird thing that only a few, who have more ability than others, can do. It is natural, and not difficult for those who are open to their own higher consciousness. People of any culture, and any belief system, who meditate can do this. Clearing emotional conditions is also necessary. There's no difference between a good mandate to channel, and a call for clarity about a move, or a concept that needs an explanation All the answers are within, and accessing them will help all areas of your life.

My dictations are for many very practical purposes. Calling in an Ascended Master does not lead to neglecting worldly matters. It is about worldly matters.

Many of the deceivers channel about contact with non-human beings, because this appeals to man's desire to confuse his continuity as a man, with unconscious conditions he dreams about as he sleeps. No man's dreams are conscious actions that can be demonstrated in a call to action. No dream is allowed to be made manifest, because no clear intent is mandating their cause. What is dreamed has been fantasized by mental activity to deliver answers to man's daily life only. Acting as though dreams are the next life experience is foolish nonsense. Most dreams comment on man's current interests. Some are prophetic, but none are an exact depiction of next day events.

Channeling brings the most accurate information about future events, even though many are channeling deceivers who are making up stories to fascinate the ego. Control of ego's attention eliminates distrust, and no deceiver wants an ego to distrust the message.  Beware! What these deceivers do is grab your attention with big dramatic stories, and then cause another dramatic story to be accepted by the mind to the degree that discernment is no longer possible. Facts and fantasy are put together to distance mind from reality. None of the deceivers want you to realize that their messages are not accurate. All of them collaborate to give the same content through many so they can appear accurate. False messages are all over the internet, causing distrust of authentic channeling that needs your attention. Chapter one of channeling an authentic Master begins with the ability to choose. Choose an energy of light by questioning all messengers that identify themselves with a name. There is no name that guarantees authenticity.

Why have I continually maintained that channeling means continuation of man? Because man needs more awareness! Contact with man has always been an activity we have done to continue his energy delivery to other dimensions. No dimension operates alone, all are interdependent with the others. All that occurs on Gaia affects every dimension of the Universe. To keep our dimensions active, we need to lead man towards more consciousness. Now that the contact can be discussed, there are more reasons than ever before to learn how to be clear in your ability to discern. Would you want to be advised by one who has no morality? No consideration of you? Astral energies do not care about the things they tell you, as they can only create more drama if what they say is not accurate, and they feed off of drama.

Pure attitudes of caring come only from sixth and seventh dimension energies, Christ consciousness. Prize this energy and eject less from your field. Chapter one in man's book of Genesis talks about creation beginning with the Word. Close that Word off, and no creation can become different than previous ones.

My teaching is to guide the way to an ascension from less than Oneness consciousness. Many chose to take part in this ascension, and only about 25% of them are ready. How can we raise that number? What do we need to do to create that ascension and make an impact on those who do not ascend?

Following a deceiver will eliminate this opportunity. Many of you have heard me say, over and over again, that channeling can give you the guidance needed to ascend. Those who are waiting to ascend to fifth dimension along with the earth have been lied to. No ascension of Mother Earth can occur without an ascension within the mass consciousness. This ascension is the cause of earth's ascension, not the other way around.

Ascension will deliver more consciousness to those who are not able to be on the second wave. A third wave is the next opportunity for them. All must choose again, because the deceivers have done their job very well. They have dissolved the motivation of many sincere seekers to abandon their quest. We have lost many dear ones from the ascension call in this way. Forget that more work needs to be done, and you are caught in the cycle of suffering, until that work is completed. You must do it! No one is going to relieve you of this.

What you need to do to ascend is: clear the emotional body and open the heart. What cancels ascension is negative thinking about anything. All comes from divine creation. All is good. Dark and light are both included in Oneness. No one needs to change. Man cannot demand what he is not willing to give. Act as an Angel and you can ascend to Angelic conditions.

No wonder we are gaining only a few with these messages, the deceivers have told you to do nothing, and the ego delights in this continuation of its "dance of leela". When you are wanting to ascend, make no mistake, there is more to be done than continue to do what has kept you in density. Be careful, or you will completely miss the ascension opportunity. Wake up and ascend! Continue to dream along with the deceivers, and you will only flee the density with another lifetime of experiences.

Blessings my dear ones, please wake up to this call.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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