Monday, August 9, 2010

The Non-duality of Divine Consciousness

The dictations through this channel are not any different than those of my other channels. All my dictations call for more awareness. My teachings are not new, only a continuation of what the Ascended Masters are all saying. My consciousness is I AM THAT I AM, not that of a man in the world needing attention or acknowledgement. What I dictate is my way of calling out to those who cannot hear the voice of their own heart.

Chelas of Ascended Masters do not care about their teachers in spirit in the same way man cares about other men. Masters don't consider themselves "connected" or "disconnected", we are the same as all of our conduits, and consider all of our realms as One consciousness, not divided into men and Masters. In One consciousness there is no "me and them", One is only One. One divine cellular configuration with many cells. No man is outside of this cellular configuration. Man's mental chatter comes out of the configuration also, and it doesn't have any relationship to the consciousness of the whole. It makes a mass consciousness of man's collective attitudes and dynamically maneuvers and creates this as a mental creation.

My messages about consciousness and mind not being consistent is not contradictory to Oneness. It is making a distinction between the actual and the not actual. Mind is not conscious awareness. Making a differentiation between the real and the unreal must be done. Control of man's human existence can be the duality of mind and divine consciousness, opposing opinions, and non-alignment, OR divine consciousness only.

One actor in the divine consciousness can cause much disturbance when mass consciousness views man's concepts to be all knowing. Change mass consciousness to divine consciousness and only divine consciousness will abide. Twelve disciples of the one known as Jesus were not considered answers to man's challenges until mass consciousness altered its view.

Now there are many contributors to divine consciousness and even they do not completely comprehend how duality can be apparent to them and not to others. Man's mental activity conceives the materialization produced by mass consciousness to be accurate. When not considering any duality in his own consciousness, man's denial masks what is. Non-duality cannot be attributed to man's actualization. A demonstration of "no difference" is: no opinion, no observer, no made-up comments.

Man's construct allows for duality under all conditions. Whenever there is a "me" and "an observed", there is duality. Oneness means all are one consciousness, one divine ocean of consciousness, and divine consciousness includes all the contents of that ocean.

Man is not the controller of his thoughts or of the actions those thoughts generate out of the mental drama. God is, and man does not consider God to act out that drama in that way. But God is the creator of the drama and acts out all the roles. Consider your personality a creation of God, and you will get the message that duality is an illusion.

Ponder this: mental attitudes are a God created mandate to lead duality out of man's consciousness. Practice being quiet and learn non-duality. Non-duality comes only with a quiet mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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