Saturday, August 21, 2010

Call to Ascension

My words today about ascension are not as most other messages have been. My teaching now reflects a new approach to the Merkabah energy and next dimensional activity. This is due to the most disappointing condition of preparedness my chelas are at. Not enough conduits are as clear as they must be to fully ascend. Ascension, for those who are, will not dismantle the controller's conspiracy because there is not a large enough number to ascend together and cause more awareness to the masses. So, we need to do things a different way.

First, we must act as though all is not well. As many of my chelas are not even willing to acknowledge a "not so desirable" act against others in their choice of mental attention. They dance around a most important quality for ascension: detachment. Being aware, and emotionally clear, about an actual condition that is active, makes that condition seem less of a concern. This will demonstrate Mastery.

Not thinking about a challenge does not make a difference, as the challenge must be acknowledged to be addressed. Addressing anything can make an alteration in the dynamic of it. Not addressing the man's fears maintains them. Beliefs about an avoidance of chaos, by not considering the possibility, are not correct. Man must be able to comprehend all of duality before he can transcend duality. Avoiding a dense condition does nothing but continue that condition.

Ascension has been our goal for mankind. We have done our best to affirm the closeness of the ascension gates, and draw attention to the most accurate calls of our realm. But there is a congested collective of mass hypnosis going on in the deceivers' messages. Many deceivers are making our messages appear non-conforming. And they are, due to the accuracy they bring.

Ascension can and will occur only for those who are able to make this transition. What this ascension is going to do is alarm those not as able, convincing them that their dream may not be answered. If they get negative about anything, we cannot continue an ascension of mass numbers. Mass numbers are needed to defuse the conspiracy. What has begun is an ascension in consciousness. One wave has already ascended. Two other waves are in the energy of anointing from our realm, to become able to ascend. We need more action on the ground. We need Masters, not conduits of deceivers, to lead the way.

Masters are not causing more drama amongst their brothers. Masters are not going to give any attention to making money appear. Masters are not going to go to another dimension as an escape from third dimension.

Masters can detach completely from the dark controllers' management, by acting on their own inner voice. Masters can give advice as an instrument of the divine consciousness within. Masters are not opinionated about their mantra of abundance, and are open to going anywhere they are called. Concern about anything, not deliverable in an available way, is nil. Be a Master, then ascend.

Ascending our way means to become a Master of the heart, and ascend to man's most conscious mode as a human. Then, when many are able, at the same moment, an ascension of dissolving into only light can occur. Can this occur one at a time? No, because there would be no impact to the controllers agenda. No need. A physical death can also be an ascension, as no contact to another realm is needed to do this. Only channeling an arranged ascension makes any difference. Otherwise, those who will ascend to 5th, 6th or 7th dimension can drop the body on their own and make a conscious graduation to another dimension. A big drama is only an affect, to change the conditions on Gaia, not a condition of ascension on a major contract with God.

We have been needing this mass ascension as a way to make the necessary changes to man's daily experience. Not doing a mass ascension makes the negative message of the controllers more viable. But, we will continue to deliver a call for more channels, and Masters who can dream this dream, and make it more of a possibility.  Children of God can have a more quality life if we can create a mass ascension. Children of man are not going to get another chance, because the mass ascension candidates will be diluted before the completion of the drama if many of those able to graduate do so. May my message be an aid in your choice to ascend now, or allow the controllers to complete their destruction.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Saint Germain for giving us a clear picture of the present situation of the Ascension waves. Not a comfortable picture for sure and not what the ground workers would desire to hear, but realistic and not a surprise at all, since this seems to be an old problem, the lack of enough candidates to begin the Ascension waves.

    In the book " The Crystal Stair " by Eric Klein (1990) a call to Ascension was issued, this book had the participation of Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Michael and Saint Germain.
    The aim stated in the book was to gather up 1,000-2,000 candidates out of the total 144,000 Ascended Ones now incarnated, which would be just re-Ascending, since they had already Ascended to the 5th Dimension in the past, and they were already living on 5D planets before coming to Earth in mission. But it seems that the goal was not achieved, modest as it was, since it seems that most were dormant, imersed in a common material life, unaware of their real spiritual status and the urgency of the hour.

    It seems that prior to that and after that another attempts were made as well, mainly:

    Project World Evacuation - Ashtar Command through Tuella (1982 ) and remainder of Tuella´s books.

    On Eagles´ Wings - by Ariana Sheran, Canada. In this book an attempt to make the First Wave was announced, for 1989 if I am not mistaken, but failed as well.

    After " The Crystal Stair " failure, new attempts were made, some of which I am aware:

    Susanna Thorpe-Clark, of Australia. It was expected that the First Wave would take place around 2002 or 2003, new failure again.

    In 1999 began the Operation Terra messages, First Wave was announced for 2003, then 2005, then 2007, then 2009, new failure, the Hosts disappeared, everything ended in disappointment for those following the messages.

    Then in 2005 Masters Messages began, and here we are.

    This in " New Age " teachings, parallel to that, there is an huge amount of messages from God, Jesus and Mother Mary through Catholic and Evangelical seers, conveying the Ascension and End Times messages. The problem is the same, Jesus often mentions that the "Bride" is not ready for his coming.

    One thing that perhaps would help to give a better understanding of all this scenario would be a Student Curriculum, to link all this information. Beginning with the Bible, Urantia Book, Keys of Enoch (J.J.Hurtak) and those books mentioned above.

    Real books printed in paper, to be studied and meditated upon the teachings, not just Internet messages, which soon are buried by the flood of new ones and forgotten. Here a suggestion to make new volumes of Masters Messages, containing all the messages which came after the end of Vol. 3, including those of the Newsletter.
    Thank you,

  2. You really trigger a lot...:) I was thinking for years that I can supress my darkness and smile- and it should be enough to be "spiritual'...
    But sooner or later the drakness shows up. I'm grateful that it happened sooner than later. And still triggered :)