Saturday, August 14, 2010

Response to Posted Comments

My dear ones. My friend of many lifetimes is now assisting me to get my messages out to those needing to receive them. I congratulate! This is the most contact I have had to my chelas of the next age of man, for my conscious delivery of cosmic awareness, since G.W.Ballard accepted my channeling. My conscious channel continues to deliver my messages as a most dedicated calling, and she will not alter anything I say to adapt my message or my control.

Now, my friend of many lifetimes, who cannot fully accept that my messages are mine, must give this new actualization of her attempts to discredit my channel an aware look. Co-creating dismay for the men and women coming to my blog cannot give anyone any happiness. I AM consciousness does not drive mind's attitudes into a conscious drama of disturbance for anyone. I AM consciousness is quiet, aware, and not divisive.

Now, I am always glad to get questions, from sincere questioners who desire more clarity, and questions about discrepancies are good for all. My answer to this particular question is: No discrepancies exist. All of the answers about discrepancies are contained in my messages, and they are clear about the method manifestation is consciously created. They are also commenting on apathy and concern, and one's ability to create major adjustments to the mass consciousness.

Channelings of one moment are reflective of the details contained in an overview about that moment. No one detail of my channeling can give all of the minute, complex material seen by my anchoring of awareness in any moment. My contact is not contained to one or many of my chelas, and all are aware of my donations to Oneness consciousness.

What my disturbed chela has brought to my attention, is my negligence in adding more information to my daily messages that can give new readers, those who have not been reading all of them, more clarity. My money predictions are not going to lead my chelas to dismay, for my dictations have never denied the controllers role in creating these conditions. Man can dream a different dream, but no man alone can change a dream that has been created by many.

Many dramas are about denial. Those who are denying that corruption exists are not going to get the message now, and will do nothing to get out of their confident attitude about change. So Be It! Can my messages give them aid? Not to those who won't agree to open their eyes.

My dear ones. No channeling can give all the details in every message. So, go and get more acquainted with the Master Messages and the other messages I've delivered through this channel. No details are absent.

Chelas CAN change the coming events when enough of them are contributing different demands to mass consciousness. None of those who dream new dreams are making an impact, so how can I deliver new details? Only the mass consciousness alters any of the major conditions conceived by cause and effect. I've called for more to deliver new dreams to the mass consciousness. Has it happened? Sadly, no. Beyond this mass detachment from current events, no change can be co-created that needs more than critical mass to change.

Are most of the humans on Gaia giving, loving and making a difference? Absolutely not! More are only concerned about their own details than can be imagined. Most are going out of their comfort zone when they give to charities. Most are demanding all the abundance of God for themselves. Goodness is not the norm. Goodness does turn around things that can be altered by minor amounts of contribution, but no major dramas of this moment are being altered by the goodness of the masses.

What my dear friend of many lifetimes needs to convey to those who read her comments is Oneness, not divisiveness. Oneness looks like having the ability to concede her distrust and give her attention to more awareness of Oneness in her attitudes. Bless my dear one for her contribution to details. My attitude is always appreciation.

All of the disclaimer comments on my channel's messages were given by me in A Course In Channeling. She uses this as an example to all. My channel needs no disclaimer message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I am pleased to hear that this discourse has had a positive effect and is bringing forth abundant messages to your followers. It is also having a similar effect on this end. I sincerely thank you for engaging me here.

    Whether or not I fully accept that these messages come from the expanded consciousness of Aruna herself or that they are the direct, unaltered word of St. Germain, matters not. I do sense that these words emanate from a place of honest intent. I am not so much trying to ‘discredit’ the channel as I am attempting to elicit explanation and to engage in stimulating dialogue. Dialogue that includes disagreement often brings higher levels of clarity for all involved.

    I’ve never been one to simply accept the words or beliefs of another. I believe ALL should uphold their own personal/internal voice of spirit above all outside voices. We all have direct access to this inner guidance.

    Conscious, respectful dialogue need never result in drama, disturbances or dismay.

    Re: the issue of “No discrepencies.” I have given all of your material on this blog a thorough read. I understand how within various context, certain phrases can mean different things, however it seems to me that entire concepts at times contradict one another. For example: “Anxiety about future events is NOT going to manifest these events.” And “Fear WILL cause your concerns to manifest.” (both were made in reference to supposed imminent disasters). You also have said that volcanoes, earthquakes and such cannot be altered by the mind of man, yet in another post say that they can. Can natural disasters be altered by the desires of man or not? I am truly curious here about your answer and not merely attempting to discredit.

    What you deem as ‘denial’ can be seen as a choice to turn the focus towards that which is positive and loving. You need not actively ‘turn away’ from that which you deem as negative, you can simply choose to expand your perspective or conscious awareness to include the good. This inclusion allows you to then choose to place your focus upon the good intently. This naturally cancels out the negativity, much as the light cancels out the dark. All change of a positive nature begins with desire, but if we continue to focus upon the unwanted thing that sparked our desire, we cannot enter into the sphere of creation where our desire can become our reality. Instead we must allow our focused conscious awareness to move to the desired feel it in our believe it...To LIVE IT! This is how consciousness creates.

    (My higher energies tell me) From my vantage point, I only see the light, the good, the love. There is so much of it on earth. The simple act of perceiving this goodness causes it to multiply. If you could see the beautiful, bright light of love that emanates from the earthy realm from my vantage point, you’d laugh to think that there were those of you who ever doubted its existence.

    All ability to love and to give to others begins with an ability to love self. If humanity suffers from anything it’s a lack of love of self...this is changing rapidly though! It is only through love and acceptance of self that we have anything of value to give to another. It is the first step to oneness consciousness. This level of consciousness where one finds himself honing his ability to engage in self love is not to be discredited. All are at the place of development that they are at. It is only through mastering self love that you expand into the realms of perception of oneness where you can develop an ability to freely give love to all people and all life scenarios that you encounter. Such love is transformational.

  2. Beloved Aruna...
    After having an extraordinary experience with Saint Germain, in the field two years ago, I wish to convay my honest opinion that you are channeling the Real Saint Germain.
    Over the many years I have read too many fakers and just threw in the towel so to speak, and then I read one of your channelings somewhere and dashed over here to read more. When I read I feel this grand love and stature that I know to be Saint Germain. I am pleased that you give him the voice to be of service to our world of chaos at this time. I appreciate your personal integrity and clarity to work in this way. I signed up to recieve these in email. Thank you so much. Thank you both!

  3. Hello Aruna, thank you so much for being a channel for such important messages from the Master. I've been reading Saint Germain's channelings for a few years and I really apreciate His straight way of giving information.
    My understanding of the mastery has been constant for past few years and this is why those channelings resonate with me so deeply. I can see from my own experience and a feeling in my heart what mastery means, I have no doubts that it has nothing to do with plugging in to a nice, supportive environment, but for me it's always about finding my own power and peace within regardless of circumstances. And it's very challenging for I live in a country where the energy seems to be more dense and dark, so I really have to find it within with no external support. My path is quite lonely here and sometimes I have doubts if I can make it. So I have a question to Saint Germain because there is something bothering me quite a lot (like I was struggling with my weakness for too long): is it really possible to let go of all programming, old paradigms, limitations, believes based on duality, ideas while being a human? Or maybe I should ask wheather I can make it or not...:)If I can- what is it that stops me from getting there?
    I send you a lot of warm thoughts and thank you both again- it's a precious knowledge. Izabela, Poland