Monday, August 23, 2010

Manifesting Change

None of the messages about the Masters ability to control man's environment are accurate. Masters are only able to guide, not control. Masters are only conduits of the Creator's thought, not creators on their own. Bringing nudges to man can give energy to action that might not have occurred without them, and this can give an appearance of control. When we nudge, we do nothing other than energize a thought and give man more consciousness about his own mandates.

Man cannot energize an action in this way. Neither can he control others who do not agree with his mandates. Man can make many clear calls for change, and the Masters accept the need also, but none of man's calls can come into manifestation without a change in man's attitude about his own God awareness. Man can create and move consciousness by gathering together more who agree with him. Mass consciousness manages the drama of change, not any one change agent. Mass consciousness can change all of our cause and effect manifestations and make a new creation. What this would take is more acceptance of the divine consciousness in the hearts of man. Having one cause can create a miracle. Being united on one major change can overturn man's draconian mind concepts contained in mass consciousness. Making change, like overturning an attack on another, needs many dreaming the very same dream.

Manifesting can occur in the moment.  New consciousness can be an answer to current conditions. Making a difference can "will" another drama for humanity. Making a difference can be growing a new change out of an old concept, or engineering the mass consciousness towards one agreed upon decree. Both create by demand with mental anchoring.

Now, consciousness can also create a new answer another way. Many of the readers of my messages are more awake than most, and can understand what I'm about to say. Those who cannot understand are going to learn my concept, and can give more conscious awareness to this, then they are to creating money. What I am asking for is more calm, and more control of man's mind, as a means of activating a change to mass consciousness. Clear your mind instead of creating with it. Give this concept an active attitude and you can change dark into light. Bringing NO thoughts to mass consciousness allows more light to appear. Calm and clear contact can give more to humanity than active and concerned minds.

Ponder this: When mass consciousness is not a collection of opposites, one change can occur.

Peace on earth begins with peaceful men and women. A quiet mind is a peaceful mind. Make a difference now, with more inner peace.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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