Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ascension Can Occur

Changes are always happening on Earth due to man's changes in awareness. Man controls all. What we can predict, from our vantage point, comes to us from the circumstances of all the other dimensions; future and your time mean nothing. What we can accurately predict can alter momentarily, just as man's free will can alter momentarily. My predictions are based on what exists in any given moment. Considering all the options there are, we get things more accurate than not, only timing has to be determined by man.

Politics has many details that don't alter, either by man's comments or direct action, because man is programmed for either greed or concern for others. Greed cancels caring most of the time. What does change is negative thinking vs. positive thinking, and our realm attempts to encourage positive attitudes when it comes to ascension. Not getting adequate numbers to ascend causes distrust in us, but if we said, "Only when we get a certain number", the cause factor would get considerably less attention than it does when we call for many to accept the choice or not. Choosing ascension means leaving man's current conditions for the unknown. Man decides, based on current conditions, not spiritual continuation for conscious demonstration. When circumstances are comfortable, man decides to keep things as they are.

Ascending is not a cause and effect determination. It is the lack of attachment to cause and effect matters that allows ascension. Few are able to comprehend how the mental activity of man maintains his continuity in the karmic cycle. Until the day that enough humans have chosen ascension, to leave their daily activities, there will always be an attempt on our part to lead them towards fulfilling this contract they made before incarnating. Our contract with humans is to always lead them towards the details of their soul plan. Many of you acted like this contract for ascension could make the grade. Maybe, maybe not. Our call is our only chance to lead as the called asked to be led. Not accepting our call deletes our ability to appear correct.

When man incarnates, he designs his own goals, and there is no detail that is not included. All activities, and all the changes he designs are only his decision. Our assistance is asked to keep man on track, to be a guide that is not identified with the drama, one who knows the original contract. Factoring in man's ability to choose, no man can be assured of completing his original contract. Ten million of currently incarnated entities have chosen our guidance to ascend. Another ten million asked to ascend, but didn't ask to be led in that direction. So, some who have no idea of our existence, are ascension candidates.

When there are ample candidates for ascension, it will occur. Meanwhile Earth will become more and more negative for the future of human existence, and many ascension candidates will choose to leave. Maybe this can occur as a mass ascension, as we had originally agreed. Otherwise, those now able to ascend will be given more attention, and can ascend as a more conscious being at the body's moment of death. Birth and death don't mean anything to an Awakened one, so calling to Angels at death will be easy for those who are Awake.

My chosen capacity, as an adviser to mankind, can only assist those who are aware of my ability and can hear my messages. Channeling is not difficult. All who are on a personal development, consciousness, Angelic, or deepening an Awakening track can aspire to channel and get that ability. Maybe you need to accept my messages on this blog before you can do it yourself. My essays are very direct, and detail many methods of draining emotional dross from the aura that comes out of your mental activity. Awakening the Master Within is also your next step. Channeling can happen naturally with an Awakening.

No Master can cancel an ascension, only those denying their collective ability to ascend cancel the target date. Passion for God awareness is the most critical mass consciousness that is needed. No more delay of this attitude can be allowed if a mass ascension is going to occur. Those unable to ascend as a group will not get another chance in this lifetime. Not because of our making that decision, only because the planet will demand our complete attention in the development of the New Earth. We are to guide man to ascension only until 2012. After that, our work alters to New Earth conditions and man's contact with our realm will cease.

Ponder this: Children of God, are you able to ascend? "Not now", means not achieving the contract you made for yourself with our realm. Many are able. Can you make the close of this life be your last incarnation? Are you willing to do this for yourself? Maybe? Not good enough. After the destruction of planet Earth, my next call will be the only call for those who are able to get out of their denial. When my messages are accepted as being contributions to your highest good, and ascension is the next goal in consciousness, many can ascend. Otherwise, the New Earth will begin all over again, with more ignorance and more control by man's mental demons.

Open your heart and delete your mind's choices. Choose the heart in all situations. Your confrontation with those mental demons must get handled before the New Earth can be created.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I love those channelings so much and thank you for them. I could hear those messages for a few years, but I was drown to "sweet and loving", "love and Light to all"- let's avoid the dark- attitude towards everything- it just didn't really want to work, something was not feeling right with myself. I also can see now (and it makes me feel a bit more quiet inside) that this is not a path for all and it requiers a lot of letting go. So many Lightworkers is not able to do it, but it just may not be their path for this life time.
    I wish to be able to overcome my own limitations and mind's programms, maybe mostly about security in 3D life, for it seems to be my biggest issue for now- very insecure situation and lack of ability to let it go completely and trust unconditionally. I wish to let it go. An so it is :)

  2. What actually does it mean "to ascend as group", "the mass ascension"? Is it each individual ascension sumed up togehter?

  3. Hello, I have another question. Could you say more on "leaving behind those who are not ascending", please? Thank you, Izabela