Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Ready?

My chelas are now being led to ascension. My teachings about ascension are an act of divine grace. Waiting for an act of grace will not lead to ascension. Most of the deceivers messages are claiming the Masters names, so beware, what is being declared by many channelings, is not accurate. No ascension happens as a consequence of Mother Earth's condition. Mother Earth asks for assistance from mankind, it is not the other way around. Chelas who are doing nothing but expecting an ascension, are going to get a disturbing notice from their guides, when an ascension occurs, and they aren't able to participate.

When a call comes, and only those who can receive guidance directly can hear the call, will you be one of these? Are you clear enough to be guided, and capable of following that guidance, as a natural way of being? No? Why not? My team of assistants have been giving the same message for more than 30 years: act on your inner guidance! Basically, this is not new to any of my chelas, as they have all been taught this, even before coming into a body. Being ready to ascend REQUIRES an ability to have direct guidance of the divine NOW, as a means of being led to ascension. Should this not be a condition of yours, do the preparation NOW, before it is no longer possible. Many chelas are delaying this demonstration of their availability. "Yes, I am choosing to ascend", means: "I am choosing to be able to ascend". And this means channeling your guidance and following it!

Reality is not an answer to many of you, because deceivers have led false concepts to your mental condition. Reality can be found in your  actual daily experiences, not the dreams of the controllers who want to abort the mass ascension. American CIA agents are deceiving many, with channeled material delivered by this agency. Channels in the US are given one or two communications daily from this agency, not only in words, but controlled, directed contact and mesmerization. Those who channel openly are not the only ones being controlled by this condition. Many can be in the controllers aura of energy disturbance by the use of electricity sources, covered meters for man's cables in the TV, and cell phone devices. No man can assure his sovereignty from these nameless, formless machines that kill man's containment and ownership of his mental contact. Closed circuits of manufactured dogma are being unleashed by none other than the police departments of neighborhoods like most of you live in. Being a target is not a concern. All are targets. Why do you think my channel has moved out of the US? Not for her enjoyment, not for her mastery, only to get away from these manufactured conditions.

When the call comes, are you able to act? Are you wiling to move to another area? Will you take the next steps? If guidance tells you to leave your things behind, will you get on a plane without them? How can I be more clear? Following inner guidance is the only way to move a consciousness from fear to freedom. Bring me this level of commitment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Saint Germain, we honour you and your channel Aruna. Thank you so much for all that you have always done for each one of us that majority of us are even unaware of it. Please accept me if possible as one of your disciple. I love you, I need you not just for myself but for all mankind who is unaware and ignorant of the truths, each one of us wish to ascend, to move forward, to be with you all but we are weak, we are unaware, we are ignorant, we are stuck to our old ways, old styles, old beliefs, we are unaware of the truth that we all are one, we all are manifestations of the same in various forms in various colours for various purposes that we have incarnated, we have forgotten that we all one and the same various parts of the absolute infinite one. We are extremely lucky to know you, to feel your vibs through your messenger Aruna and other true disciples of yours. We are extremely lucky that you left all the comfort of heavens and higher realms and have come to help us, guide us, hold our hands and pull us as strongly as you can to higher enlightened realms, out of our current conditions in which we have been misguided, we have been stuck due to our own negative karma. We therefore pray to the absolute to help us all through you and your channels and through all Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit guides, Arch-Angels,who have come to help us at this crucial stage of our soul journeys...

    With Love,
    Muhammad Habib Akhtar