Monday, September 20, 2010

Changes of Consciousness And A Body

No answer of this blog can completely explain all of the differences between the New Earth and now. Man creates the New Earth with changes in consciousness. As consciousness changes to 4D, man cancels his 3D control of the environment. As man awakens to 5th dimension, his environment also develops along with his mental attitudes. New Earth develops as a direct consequence of man's developing consciousness. Only one Earth is continuing to change.

Medical doctors are not aware of the alterations being made to human bodies as their consciousness alters. Many are being given drugs that they do not need. Many are denying these changes are collaborating evidence of consciousness change. "Being the change" means a more dramatic nuance than it sounds. Calibrating the man's condition to his new consciousness makes him appear ill, not damaged. Conscious beings need more daily exercise, confidence in their desired food choices, and no new drugs. Picking food that nourishes is the best medicine.

Ascension from the man's point of view can appear more like death, as the ascension condition cannot develop in a body as quickly as the consciousness changes. Continuation of life with an ascended consciousness is not easy, because of all the alterations that must occur for the man to feel healthy. Many days of conditioning can be needed. Many days of meditation, hours daily, are needed. Changes in diet must occur. Not deleting cooked foods, or giving up anything necessary to be nourished, altering the diet to feed the new conditions as they occur. For example, giving more dark green vegetables to help make new cells, or adding more drinking to a body needing this. Food needs can alter by the moment. Being aware of this needs attention. No medicine is needed, only diet alteration, more exercise, daily meditation, and a healing consciousness. Bring the mind to the heart daily for direct contact with divine healing. Ask for the drug of choice, love! Activate the mind's ability to call on his own health caretaker, the doctor aware of his own contracts with God. This doctor understands the changes and can direct the man's conscious choices. Practice this, and you won't become confused or deleted by the changes occurring in the body.

EMFs are dangerous. Altering the body's nervous system during his days and nights does not allow good answers for human health. Cell phones and any wireless condition complicates this detail I just described. Medicine is not an answer. Controlling exposure to EMF is the only way to draw the healing abilities to the body. Cut off all connective devices in the bedroom during sleep times, if nothing else, as a door to regeneration from what is attacking the body during the day. Remove cell phones, cordless phones, battery operated devices and computers from the sleeping area. Turn off any devices near the most active living areas also. Wireless computer terminals can be cut off during the night. 5th dimension consciousness does not want low frequency mobile phones interfering with high frequency bodies. Feeling ill is a natural consequence of being bombarded by such low frequencies. Ascension needs more than human consciousness, it also needs man's demonstration of a healthy form. No body can be healthy with a frequency difference that great. Please do what you can to allow healing, even if the ability change the quality of healthy to a more healthy condition is not going to be possible. Healing the body can be a consequence of higher consciousness, but only in a healthy, continuation of man's  consciousness and his body's form aligning to it during the days and nights of the body's continued existence.

A group ascension means many ascend at the same time. It is a goal, to become a news worthy demonstration, to shock men and women into awakening to their inner contract terms. Because there is no direct contact with most of those who made this contract, we do not know if this can be created. My appeals about getting direct contact ability are not being heeded by enough at this time. We are still hopeful that this can be done.

One way to ascend is, at the mount of death, declaring I AM THAT I AM. Another is the mastery, of the divine leading the body without distortion, in the existing life experience. About 100,000 have already done this. Any of these can ascend at death or in a group ascension. Another way is for many to die at the same moment, forcing man's media to acknowledge that something major has occurred. No bodies are needed in the higher dimensions.

Concerning the ascension of Mother Earth, the consciousness of man can bring the continuation of this living co-creator to ascension, but this is not happening now. No contributions, like mass ascension, can alter the drama on this planet to ascension status, unless the mass consciousness dramatically lifts, co-creating a different attitude in man towards his environment. Confusing messages about most of these things abound. My desire is to clarify, and get the co-operation needed, to lead the way to God's original design. Changing the direction of this "man and divine will arrangement" is where it must begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. "Confusing messages about most of these things abound. My desire is to clarify, "

    However Saint Germain you are confusing more the subject than clarifying.

    For example:

    "New Earth develops as a direct consequence of man's developing consciousness."

    This doesn´t seems plausible. Planet Earth is the physical body of an entity called "Gaia" by tha Ancient Greeks, "Seb" by Ancient Egyptians and another names by another cultures.

    Gaia is ascending into the 5th Dimension because this is the Cosmic Time for her do that.
    What this means in practice is that the Spirit of Earth will pass from this present body into a new body, a 5th Dimensional body, a new planet, composed only by 5th Dimensional matter.
    This present 3D body will be left behind, a corpse, or perhaps will be consumed by Ascension Flame during Earth´s Ascension.

    It is true that humans inhabiting its surface can contribute to the process if they rise their consciousness together with the raising of Gaia´s frequency, but it will not be them who will make Gaia´s Ascension, which will occur regardless how many humans participate it.

    This is the current information from another sources, some old like Bible and also some modern channelings.

    This makes sense and there is no confusion in this scenario.

    "Another way is for many to die at the same moment, forcing man's media to acknowledge that something major has occurred. No bodies are needed in the higher dimensions."

    I hope that you don´t decide to kill the Ascension candidates at the same time just to shock the media. This will not work, the media will profit with these news, but no cause of these deaths will be discovered, it will be just another of those unexplained events, and most will speculate about an unknown new disease.