Thursday, September 16, 2010

Caring For The New Earth

Many of my chelas are wondering why the consciousness of one Master has so many conflicting answers. Now, my friends, is the time to accept that many imposters are calling themselves by my name, not just a few. My messages of the last three months have been very direct about this, yet our drama of controllers vs. Ascended Masters is still going on. An answer for controlling this is welcome, but none has appeared. Meanwhile, my continuation of this blog can draw more to my true consciousness.

When my words are accepted by many, a New Earth can begin. What do I mean by a New Earth? New ways of contributing man's non-divisive attitudes to community. A community consists of all who are together, and many of you are living in areas that have many condos, houses, and other building configurations, but there is no contact with your neighbors. This old approach to community cannot continue, because the needs of neighbors will become a mutual concern.

Many positive changes will come from challenges to the old ways. More and more of you are opening your hearts, and action on this challenge can create a most rewarding momentum. The contract you made with a most demanding dreamer, is to deliver more heart directed actions to those who need assistance. Your own dream is about to become your new reality. Are you prepared? Are you able to meet your community? Are you willing to give to them the open hearted caring that will make a difference on all levels of the mass consciousness? Are the needs of others a concern of yours? Are the Lightworkers going to break free of their computers to act on their awareness?

Computers are great communicators for now, but they carry no healing for mass consciousness. Mass consciousness needs a lot more caring to be made abundant with heart and mind alignment. Minds are on computers, as man divides his attention between modes of doing and modes of mental action. Mental activity makes no difference to mass consciousness. Only actions of open hearts will be the new demonstration of caring, that can move a new consciousness towards common agreement.

Beliefs about the computer being the best thing to happen to mankind are not accurate. More caring of others came out of man before his computer arrived. Now, he makes contact with a neighbor by e-mail, instead of face to face. No contact, is as helpful to merging two diverse opinions, as building a building with no windows. What is inside has no relationship to what is on the outside. When diverse opinions exist on computers, you can delete or unsubscribe. Not when you are face to face. Having a neutral meeting, in a face-to-face contact, makes more caring and conversation possible. Not necessarily agreeing, but at least the ability to care is available. Putting man's differences aside and coming to an amicable, mutual alignment, dispite differences of opinions, can create a more abundant mass consciousness. Making a computer deliver all of your messages, deletes man's human contact. Children who are addicted to computers and computer toys, are deceived into an on and off world of make believe. Not having contact with others deletes compassion.

Man's drive for more high-tech toys has made him more mental and not as caring. Can we do something to turn this around? Are we too addicted to be more caring? Are we unable to demonstrate an ability to deliver caring face-to-face?

The availability of many new tools that answer man's need to deliver information have been good. However, their overriding of man's time to be in human company has been a condition of concern for all who know that man cannot be sustained indefinitely by mechanical devices. Can you take the time to learn how to communicate to your neighbors by meeting them face-to-face? Can you deliver open caring to one's community? Are the most important people to your future condition being ignored? Be a bright light to human awareness by being fully human.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. All this we already know. Please Saint Germain tell us what we don´t know yet. An update on Masters Messages would be appreciated. What happened to Ashtar, Three Waves of Ascension, Galactic Federation craft, Evacuation, Earth big contractions ? All this was mentioned in Masters Messages. Thank you.