Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awakened Consciousness

Many of my chelas are not fully understanding these messages. Maybe my meanings are not as clear as they could be, although my channel does not indicate that to me. She fully understands them, so the cause must be the difference in approach that these messages are taking. My decision to create this blog was to force my impersonators to become exposed, by my actual contact with chelas. My decision to ask Aruna to do this, was her lack of interest in my communications. Yes, that is correct. No Awakened conduit cares about the things my messages contain. Awakening deletes their concern. Awakening is the demise of concern about man's future, because a choice was made to act in God's creative drama as a Master of the drama, and a Master lives without concern.

Why then am I concerned about man's future? As an Ascended Master, doesn't my concern contradict what has just been stated? Maybe it does, as the Masters of my realm ARE concerned. So why the contradiction? Man's development begins with drama, to form an identity of his making. This identity becomes the name and consciousness he delivers during his more than ninety or so years of life, unless, of course, other decisions are made, to have dis-ease, or automobile crashes, or death in another way, contribute to his maturation in consciousness. Awakening is discovering that the self-created drama of man's mental design, is not the consciousness of the divine creator. Choosing to align with God's design deletes mental concern about man's own design, because he now considers this to be an illusion.

My condition is different. My work with mankind is about God's design, and my choice to deliver messages to man is part of God's design, not a man made design. My words are the messages that God delivers, as guidance, to lead man out of his man made design. An Awakening dissolves all interest in man's design, and an Awakened one controls nothing, by choosing personal desires over God's creation. Man cannot co-create God's design, unless he becomes aware of what God wants, and this becomes conscious in his mind. My work is to facilitate that.

Working with man as a guide is not easy. Many of our messengers do not comprehend our meaning, and are not as dependable as we need. All of our channels are given messages they can accept, which means that their particular way of thinking limits what we can mention. Clarity does not only mean an ability to clearly communicate, it also includes achieving the desired level of communication, through one who cannot fully accept the words being delivered.

Now, with this background, my discourse today is about changing your mind. Your mind believes a complex mix of concepts. All of them do not align with God's design. How do you determine those that do from those that don't? It is not possible to do this with a mental decision. Only the Awakened divine consciousness within man can override the illusion. Oneness comes with the dissolution of duality - the duality of man's will vs. divine will. All duality that is being demonstrated in the entire Universe reflects this most definitive belief in separation.

Man and God are not two entities. Neither is man God, in the sense that his mind decides all that goes on in his universe. Children are taught that God is a parental figure, and seek God's approval and attention. This concept must collapse for a more enlightened understanding to come into man's consciousness. Breaking from an ancient way of thinking needs much deliberate attention. Changing the mind, with only a decision to do this, doesn't do an adequate job. Meditating can give you some  experience of God's enormous love of man.

Changing the way man sees God is the foundation for an Awakening. Needed next, is the deletion of man's ego identity: "me and other". "Me" is the identity of an individual that has an ability to make choices about everything. "Other" is man's projection about an object of his mind's perception. Both are not accurate in their definition. Both are divine images that "appear" to be different, but are not. Both are God as divine creator, creating a man's attitude towards another aspect of that same divine creator. Bringing awareness to this most complex demonstration of human manifestation, is the actual Awakening drama being played out today.

Presence, without any negative thinking, is the Awakened condition. Choice is not an Awakened condition. Change a man's mind, from choice to being fully aware, and he can  express his own divinity in every moment. Christ consciousness is when divine consciousness is completely free to express itself through a human form.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. The reasons because these messages has been rejected by most are very easy to understand.

    First, almost all "Lightworkers" reject any message predicting doom. Who can blame them ? They usually work hard for a better world, and if all Earth´s inhabitants were like them, no doom would occur ever. Moreover if doom will come who can say in a generic message for all that all of them will live this scenario ? Many of them may Ascend instead, if they have no Karma to balance anymore and this is their time to do that.

    Therefore it remains only a very small minority who will not reject them for predicting doom, since they know that doom will come, albeit there is hope to escape it through Ascension. Others have no this hope but are resigned to face doom "God Will be done".

    Out of this small minority not all are yogis, therefore aren´t interested in Advaita Vedanta. Out of those who are yogis, not all follow the Jnana Yoga path. Some follow the Karma Yoga path, another Bhakti Yoga, another Raja Yoga.

    Therefore, the public target for these messages is very small.

    If these messages are intended for large audiences, they should become more neutral, speaking plainly about relevant things for the moment without this bias of Advaita Vedanta, which few understand or are interested.

    Just plain, TRUE, and practical instructions about what is coming, and how to deal with it, what kind of help will come from Heaven, etc.

    Even in this case these message would have a small public, due the fact mentioned, most don´t like to hear about doom, Three Waves of Ascension (now cancelled it seems), Dimensional Shift (most accept this since their routine is not disturbed) New Earth (most accept this since New Earth is just the same Earth just improved and not a new 5th Dimensional planet).

  2. Saint Germain and Aruna:

    I do hear what your messages are saying, and I find them validating for the amount of effort I have put into my inner call to awaken. I too, feel bewildered at what I am seeing, regarding the lack of commitment of many lightworkers to do what it takes to awaken.

    What I see is that the conditioning of the mind is so thick that people are just not feeling the "call to service" deep enough inside of them to rouse them to jump in "with both feet", no matter what! Our world's mindset has become so reliant on survival considerations, instant gratification, arguing the points to death, and quick fixes, that I feel many lightworkers actually have no intention of doing the deep and true work to awaken, so they can fulfill their life's TRUE work. I feel they want the world to be saved, and they are not remembering that many of them ARE the ones MEANT to help DO just THAT! I do not blame them; this is simply my feel of the overall situation that you address.

    I appreciate your diligence and Heart, and your commitment to do what you can do. Thank you!

  3. I am relatively new in all this information about Dimensions, and awareness, and even messages from the other side of life (never heard before!) At the begining it was all kind of feelings. Fear above all. And above fear, Anger for those guys that were telling us "Embrace for change!It's coming!"

    There is no choice: if it was coming we should be ready and face it... All this pushed me ahead to learn what's going on, to search for my own truth and see where it stays. Today I have my own answers that have melted away fear, anger, panic,and fit perfectly with what Masters and Angels are trying to communicate to us..

    It is a CHANGE. Not that "change" we are used to see and experience, where the Man remains the same. This is the change where the Man will live another reality, EQUALLY with the other Man.

    Messages that Masters and Angels are bringing to us are to prepare us to be able to get rid of our old ways of doing the business of Life.

    Not only this. I get in these messages a teaching school, where all efforts are made to prepare the New Man to Start a New Life in the New dream-like Reality. They target to prepare the citizen of the new Earth.

    This is the way how I read those messages, after the knowledge has replaced the fear, and panic. I see only Love in messages of Ascended Master Saint Germain.


  4. Could you say more about the concept of God, please? Is the separation not a God's experience in this human's form? If I come here with a strong feeling of separation and with the mind that thinks- is it not what the Source wants to epxerience through the body, mind and feelings? My perception is changing on daily bases and my believes system has been collapsing constantly, that's why I question everything, all concepts about Life, God, the future of Earth and myself- of course.

  5. When I was with my Teacher years ago, he often spoke about Choice, as St. Germain does here. He said that our ability to Choose is the only true freedom we have, the only real power we have. Most people think that being able to choose anything they want, anything at all, is their freedom. My Teacher said, however, that there is only one Choice worth making, only one worthy use of our freedom and power: the Choice to withdraw our investment in the ego - to withdraw our identification with the body, with the personality, with the limited functionality and perspective of ego - and to Choose instead to surrender the personal will to the Divine Will, in perfect alignment, so that there is then only One Will acting in unified wholeness, not two. ["Not my will, but Thine be done," said one of humanity's greatest teachers.] Thus, self becomes Self, just as the river, flowing to its inevitable destination, becomes Ocean. This teaching seems to be consistent with what St. Germain is sharing, and it is delightful to see the lesson so beautifully stated here. Thank you.

  6. Dear Master St.Germain and blessed Aruna,

    Thank you for such an enlightened message. I consider myaelf as your chela and disciple/follower. Please my Master we need your light your guidance your help at each and every breath we take....

  7. St. Germain's urging, near berating tone does little imo to enact the type of change on the scale he is aiming for. As any parent knows, the more we point out the failings of our child, the more that child will seem to gravitate towards and demonstrate those failings.

    Seems to me that if we instead choose to embrace and celebrate ourselves just as we are, beings who came into physicality to have an experience of feeling separate from the one energy, we get a lot further.

    I've always experienced that acceptance fosters any growth or change that we are seeking much faster than resistance or undue focus upon negative qualities and conditions or lack.

    When we love and accept ourselves, our world and everyone in it, just as we are, an amazing transformation happens. We move from seeing ourselves as separate beings to being able to see the unity amongst all and everything. It's a bit of a twist, because obviously to enact change for the better, we must first determine what needs fixing, however, too much focus upon the 'problem' can be counterproductive.

    Does St. Germain agree that full acceptance of the present moment creates an ability to transform the next moment?